Story 5

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Anger surged through Ray like a physical force. His face contorted and he snarled as he gripped Helen by her throat.

“You’re a useless piece of shit, you know that don’t you?”

Helen whimpered struggling to breathe through his powerful grip. The tendons on her neck stood out and her breath came in wheezy little gusts.

“Ye….ye…yessss Ray,” She managed to mumble through lips that were rapidly turning blue. Ray moved closer to his wife, hand’s tightening on her neck watching fascinated as her eyes began to roll back in her skull his fury still propelling him onward. He hovered inches away from her ashen face, his cold blue eyes watching her the way a cat would scrutinize a mouse.

“Listen now Helen, and listen well,” Growled Ray. “If I ever come home from work again to find that you haven’t made my dinner then that will be it. Do you understand you fucking whore? I don’t work all day so that you can slum around my house and just because you’re feeling a little bit ill you have the cheek to not make my dinner.”

Ray relaxed his grip slightly as he spoke the anger slowly abating, replaced by a feeling of power as he watched the depth of fear that he had created in his wife.
Helen started to sob as great wracking breaths wheezed in through her windpipe and she moaned “I’m sorry Ray….I promise …I promise I won’t let it happen again, I know there was no excuse…I’m so sorry.”

Ray looked at the pitiful excuse for a human being in front of him and released his grip, starting to laugh a deep throaty sneering laugh which hurt Helen just as much; if not more than his hands had. He glanced at her red neck his handy work standing there proud and unashamed. His finger prints were bruised deep into her pale milk white skin. Helen covered her face as shame and embarrassment caused her to blush. ‘Why does he treat me this way,’ Thought Helen. A mixture of love and hate rushed through her as she covered her face, the feelings so different and yet so similar in many ways consumed her as she slumped to the floor crying.

Her husband stared at the crumpled woman in front of him, his eyes dark coals deep within his head and felt a deep satisfaction. He knew that she wouldn’t dare defy him again and his rightful control had been reasserted. He pondered that looking after a woman was similar to keeping a dog. You could sometimes give it affection but the dog had to learn who its master was otherwise it would loose all respect for you.

“There, there Helen,” crowed Ray the insincerity clear in his voice. “Its ok now pet, you know I love you and I hate hurting you, but you make me do these things when you don’t do your duty.” His voice grew more and more convincing as he immersed himself into the role of the hard done by husband, his hand forced by the situation something that was outside of his control.

Helen snivelled on the floor Ray’s words filled her with an overwhelming sense of love and self loathing. She knew what he did to her was wrong, but she loved him more than life itself. She couldn’t imagine being with another man and that was why she let him do these things. She made a resolution as she slid up to a standing position her back still supported heavily by the wall of the hall. ‘I’ll be better for Ray, its not fair that I make him do these things’ she thought watching as a single tear watered and then dropped from his eye. Ray swiped it away aggressively as if he didn’t want Helen to see the moment of weakness in him.

“See what you’ve done now Helen,” he grumbled good naturedly. “It upsets me more than I can put into words to see you like this love.” He moved forward his powerful arms encircling her, a smile of satisfaction played on Ray’s lips as he hugged her to his body.

The next day passed slowly for Helen she spent most of her time meticulously cleaning the house from top to bottom. Her fear of a re occurrence of the night before kept her busy. She hated fearing him but wasn’t sure what she could do. She loved Ray more than she had ever loved anyone and most of the time she did believe that it was her fault the way he behaved. Although there were times, and today was one of those days where a different stronger side of her personality came to the fore. When this side of her took charge it was filled with hatred and malice all of it directed and focussed on Ray, the man who beat her.

The strength of hate that poured from Helen surprised her as she imagined Ray beaten and cowering on the floor as she rained blows upon him. The images that flashed in her imagination filled her with pleasure and she began to smile. As the day wore on the anger that she felt began to drain away, replaced with a deep emptiness and longing for Ray to come home. She was just placing his sausages and mash on the table when she heard the front door slam open as Ray walked through it.

From his stumbling walk she could tell that he had been drinking and her body involuntarily tensed as she poured the thick onion gravy over his food. Her mind whirled running through all the jobs that she had got done today, there couldn’t be anything to find fault with could there? The door to the dining room crashed open and Ray half walked, half fell into the room. He looked round the room his predatory eyes locking onto his wife as she finished laying out the food.

Helen turned slowly to face her husband, a welcoming smile fixed on her face, concealing the fear that was bubbling in her stomach. “Hello dear, your dinners all ready if you’d like to take a seat.” As she spoke she pulled out his chair and motioned towards it. Helen watched flinching involuntarily as Rays face twisted into a snarl and he began to lurch towards her. “ isrr that?” He slurred gesturing towards his steaming plate of food. Helen began to shake as Ray continued his advance his lurching steps making him seem more animal than human.

“What’s wrong Ray, its your tea, sausage and mash love.” Helens voice was soft and lilting as she tried to placate the man. Rays face contorted in rage his normally pale skin flushed red and as he roared. “How many times do you have to be taught your lesson? You Stupid forgetful cow, I can’t eat this slop look at it, what do you think I am some sort of pig to be fed scraps?” Helen began to back away from Ray a look of bewilderment on her face; it was only a week ago when he had said that this meal was his favourite and congratulated her on being a brilliant cook. Ray moved faster now, swaying towards her. Pleasure began to pulse through Ray’s body as he watched the look of shock and fear on his wife’s face. ‘I’ll teach you to dare to think that you know what I like you smug bitch’ thought Ray as he came within striking distance of her. His rough hand shot out like a piston and clamped the slender woman’s right arm forcing her downward until she was knelt on the floor beneath him. He then grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back until her tear streaked face was looking up at him. “What do I need to do with you Helen,” purred Ray. He shook his head slowly to add effect to his words. “When will you ever learn, I try and I try to teach you but you never take on board what I say, DO YOU?” Rays voice thundered as his grip on her arm increased making her wince.

Helen broke down under the torrent of abuse and began to sob her eyes shutting in embarrassment as Ray continued to pull her hair. “I try Ray,” she cried “I really do try.” Her voice small and plaintive cried out to any shred of decency that remained in Ray to let go. Instead Ray began to laugh a sneering evil sound, “I guess I’ve got to give you that my little pet, you certainly do try, even though for all the progress you make you may as well not bother.”

With that Ray released her arm and punched her with a right hook hard in her eye. Helen’s body jumped under the punch and her eye instantly began to bruise as she cried out in shock and pain. He then stooped down and pushed his forehead against hers and whispered, “Helen if you don’t learn soon I don’t know what I’m going to do.” As he spoke spittle flew from his mouth landing on her face humiliating her even more. With a final growl Ray finally released Helen, who dropped and crumpled into a ball on the carpet trying to control her sobbing. “Get the fuck up Helen and make me something decent for tea before I really hurt you.” Shouted Ray and then he walked into the living room and started watching telly.

Helen slowly pulled herself together and struggled up from the floor her eye was stinging and her heart felt like it was breaking in her chest. With a great effort she cleared the food from the plates and cooked him another meal which he then sat down at the table and ate with her. The conversation that passed between Helen and Ray at the meal would have looked totally normal to any onlooker that was watching. There was something very different though and that was Helen’s eyes, her eyes were unfocussed staring straight through Ray as if he wasn’t really there.

When Ray left the next morning Helen got up as soon as she heard the front door close and made her way downstairs. Her mind had been set by the events of the night before; she was going to change things. She sat down at their computer and began to browse the internet; she wasn’t sure exactly what she was looking for but she needed a way out. The mixed feelings that she had had about Ray were gone, in their place was a deep coldness and detachment which drove her to want a better life away from him. As she was looking through the internet for information on women’s refuges and other advice lines, she felt an anger begin to grow inside her. The strength of feeling and hatred that began to pour out of her as she sat there browsing the internet shocked her. ‘Why should I leave my lovely house,’ she thought. ‘I haven’t done anything wrong, everything that’s wrong here is down to Ray, and yet I’m the one who is looking to run away.’

As she sat there thinking about it her thoughts changed from that of escape and began to become darker as she began to contemplate revenge. ‘Ray must be punished, and stopped from ever doing this to anyone else.’ Helen smiled as she pondered this, not the sweet innocent smile that had once been the norm; instead a cold, hard, joyless smile which spoke of things to come. She stopped searching for women’s refuges and began to search for revenge ideas from the internet, the hatred had reached such a point that she even tried to find contact details for hit men so that she could be rid of him forever. Her search turned up some information but most of it was for petty revenge such as ordering lots or takeaways or taxis to someone’s house which had no relevance to her situation. The hit man idea seemed to be a washout as well as she couldn’t find any legitimate information from the net. In a way Helen was glad that she hadn’t found someone to kill him because even though her innocence had been twisted out of her she still didn’t think that she would have been able to go through with his murder.

An hour had passed and Helen was about to give up and start on her chores for fear of angering Ray further when he returned home, when a small advert popped up from one of the smaller sites that she had found. The advert showed an almost naked man wearing nothing but a leather thong kneeling on the floor kissing the booted foot of a woman wearing a pvc outfit and holding a whip. Helen was quite a naïve person and had never seen anything in her life like it. She stared at the screen intrigued with position of power that the woman held.

She spent the next four hours reading and watching material from the world of female domination amazed and disgusted at some of the things that she found. She almost couldn’t believe that there were men out there that were slaves to women and that some of them were so devoted that they would gladly eat and drink the women’s waste. Helen made a decision she wasn’t going to run away from Ray, no that would be too easy, she was going to turn the tables and dominate him. Although Helen was quite naïve she certainly wasn’t stupid and realised that Ray could easily overpower her physically so she decided that she would need to get some help. She spent the next half an hour writing an email that summarised her life and the situation that she was in with her husband and dispatched it to over a 100 dominatrix’s in her area. After she had done this she felt some satisfaction that she was finally making a change and closed down the computer.

She spent the rest of the day madly dashing around the house trying to catch up on the missed hours of house work. Half an hour before Ray was due to come home she took a quick bath and put on makeup something which she didn’t normally use that much but she wanted to look sexy for Ray and to cover up her eye. He came home on time that day, sober and in a much better mood than the day before. Ray was shocked as he walked through the door. His wife was standing there wearing nothing but a red lacy bra and thong and red high heeled strappy shoes. Her normally slightly curly dirty blonde hair had been straightened and her face was made up looking completely unblemished and glowing. Helen batted her long eyelashes at Ray as he stood there staring his mouth hanging unconsciously open.

He mumbled as he tried to speak, cleared his throat and whispered. “My god Helen you look absolutely beautiful.” As he drank in her luscious curves and deliciously long smooth legs he felt his member rise in response. Helen smiled although unnoticed to Ray her eye’s remained dark and cold. “Hello, darling,” Crooned Helen. “I feel that I’ve been neglecting your needs recently and so I thought I’d make an effort.” She paused demurely, “I hope you like it?” Ray continued to stare at the vision of sexiness that was his wife. “Like it Helen. I love it.” He couldn’t stop the words of praise falling out of his mouth even though his deeply engrained sadistic side rebelled against it. “I uh,” he struggled to say something nasty as he stared at his wife. “I mean I like it,” he finished pathetically as he felt an emotion he had never felt in front of Helen before….embarrassment. Helen moved with grace twisting slightly letting the hallway light lap over her feminine figure. She felt a surge of power which she hadn’t experienced before when she was Ray and began to enjoy the effect she was having on him.

The moment passed too quickly as Ray regained his control and began to do what he did best and took charge of the situation. He managed to find fault with some of the cleaning that she had done in the house and shouted at his wife about it although it didn’t have anywhere near the conviction of his previous attacks. Helen took the abuse and pretended to cower in fear but secretly she held onto that feeling of power and knew that she was now on the path to freedom. Ray made love to her that night hard and fast ravaging her more passionately and with more feeling than he had in a long while. There was a feeling of need underlying his sexual energy which hadn’t been there before and this once again added to that feeling of power that was steadily growing within Helen.

The following day she rose once again as soon as Ray left for work and went downstairs to access the computer. She eagerly checked her emails and was glad to see that ten different dominatrix’s had replied to her email. She spent the next half an hour reading the emails only to feel disappointed, most of the women sympathised with her and gave her tips and tricks to start to control ray but there was no one willing to come and help her personally. Disheartened she was about to turn off her computer when the bleep of another received email stopped her. She opened the email read it quickly once and then re-read it more slowly her hands shaking slightly with barely contained excitement. The e-mail read as follows:-

Dear Helen,

Thank you for recent email asking me for help. I have read and re-read your email and it really does fill me with sorrow to know that there are still women in this day and age treated as you are. I’m sorry to say that I personally cannot offer my assistance as I have a family and the risks of being prosecuted or something happening to me would be too high. But don’t despair dear after hearing your story I couldn’t bear to leave you without an option. So at the bottom of the email is the telephone number for my younger sister. She also has the similar but much stronger beliefs that women are superior to men and has acted on that belief in a unique way. My sister is the leader of a secret organisation called the “Sisters of Power” the group’s main aim is to turn as many men as possible into slaves to their rightful women owners.

I have already spoken to my sister and upon hearing your story she has agreed that her group will do everything in their power to help you. At the bottom of this email you will a contact number for my sister who is called Ruth. Please give the number a call as soon as you can so that they are able to help you Helen and stop the abuse which you don’t deserve. I hope this helps you dear.


Helen couldn’t stop shaking as she stood up from the computer; this was it the moment when she made a decision that would change the rest of her life. She copied the number from the email into her phone with shaking fingers and pressed the call button. Before the number rang she disconnected gasping as a surge of panic ran through her body. She just wasn’t sure, yeah of course she wanted to change her situation but it had been going on for so long that now she had the chance to escape it actually scared her. ‘Come on Helen,’ she whispered to herself, ‘it’s now or never.’

She pressed redial on her mobile and forced herself to let the phone ring. It rang four times each time it rang, her heart beat louder and louder in her chest. A click sounded in her ear as the phone was answered and a husky voice said, “Hello, Ruth speaking.”
Helen paused as she tried to speak, ‘Why didn’t I rehearse this’ she thought silently cursing in her heard. “Hello,” the voice said again which forced Helen to speak. “Hello Ruth, its Helen your sister Sarah advised me to give you a call.” Helens voice sounded strained and the panic was clear to hear. “Ahhh Helen I’m so glad you’ve called, I’ve been looking forward to speaking to you ever since Sarah told me your story.” The friendliness and empathy that flowed from the phone immediately began to put Helen at ease and the panic started to subside. “Now Helen I want you to know that you have just made the best choice that you possibly could, my organisation is going to do everything in its power to help you, so I want you to be as relaxed as you can and tell me everything that is going on in your life.”

Helen spent the next two hours giving an account of every detail in her life with Ray; it was so easy to talk with the Ruth and the more she told the better she began to feel. The rapport that grew between them was quick and heartfelt and by the end of her tales Helen felt that she already had a bond with this woman. “Ok, Helen first of all I want to thank you for being so open and honest with me, I know from personal experience that its not easy talking about things like this but I want you to know that you’ve done great.” Helen smiled under the praise and felt the weight that she seemed to have been carrying since she met Ray lift from her shoulders. “So Helen, now that I’m aware of the full situation its time that I tell you how we are going to change it for you.” There was a slight pause on the phone and Helen heard Ruth take a deep breath.
“The methods that we use have never yet failed, but I must warn you that they are quite extreme and your husband will be a changed man when we return him to you.” A thrill of anticipation passed through Helen’s body and she shivered not out of fear but of excitement at hearing that they were going to change Ray.

“Ruth, I just want to say that I’m willing to do everything that you tell me if you can help me and force Ray to be a decent human being. I know that we haven’t even met I feel like I trust you already.” “I’m so glad to hear you say that, because I feel the same way about you and your going to need to trust me because we are going to take your husband away from you for a whole week.” Helens heartbeat quickened as she listened she couldn’t believe that this was really happening. They continued to talk for the next 15 minutes in which Ruth laid out the full details of the plan. Once all the details had been finalised they said their goodbyes and Helen set to cleaning her house as she always did during the day. For the rest of that day she moved through the house with the grace of a dancer. Her body seemed to be charged with boundless amounts of energy and chores which had seemed boring and pointless now filled her with pleasure. Helens mind wasn’t really there as she was polishing or cleaning instead she was thinking about what was to come. This was really it, after so many years of abuse she had made what she hoped was a life changing decision and could finally see a light at the end of the dark long tunnel. When Ray came home that night Helen was still in a sparkling mood which didn’t last long. Ray had been drinking again and subjected Helen to another beating making her sleep at the side of their bed on the floor. He said that she didn’t deserve to sleep next to him and must earn the right to sleep in their bed again. Helen did cry and moan as she was abused but their was no despair there instead she kept the fire that had been sparked burning deep within her heart and any small doubts that she had were burned away.

The morning came around quickly to Helen who hadn’t really been able to sleep on the hard floor. Ray awoke that morning stepping over her and left the house without even acknowledging her presence. As soon as he had left the house as instructed Helen went downstairs and rang Rays work. He had been employed at a builders firm for the last 3 years and the call was answered by Tony the foreman. Helen explained to Tony that Ray wouldn’t be in for next week as his Mother had been taken ill suddenly and was close to dying. Helen had met Tony before and he seemed a decent sort of man and was more than understanding on the phone. He told Helen to let Ray know that he could take off all the time that he needed while he was tending to his mother. With that done Helen went to sit in the living room in Rays comfy armchair (something which she had never been allowed to do) turned on the TV with a satisfied grin pasted on her face.

Ray was driving his red two door hatchback to work. He was running over the last few days in his mind and he couldn’t get rid of the feeling that his wife was up to something. The thing with the sexy underwear was just so out of character for her and even when he beat her there seemed to be a small amount of defiance which hadn’t existed before. The road to Rays work was secluded as the site they were working on was in the countryside. As he was pondering his wife’s change in behaviour he didn’t notice the black van that was tailing him pulling steadily closer. Suddenly he saw a lithe figure dressed in black at the side of the road. The person ran in front of his car, he tried to swerve and felt the steering lock up as his car slid sideways down the road. His car skidded to a halt in the middle of the road Ray quickly looked for the figure. The figure was no where to be seen but looking out of his side window he saw a black transit van come slowly down the road its headlights turned off almost invisible in the early morning light.

A buzz of panic hit Ray as he watched the van draw nearer. There was something wrong, he could just feel it as the van carried on with its ominous approach. He considered getting out of his car and though better of it. The flight or fight instinct kicked in and Ray tried to start his car to get away from the approaching van. His engine coughed and spluttered plumes of gray smoke shooting from his exhaust as the van came to a stop metres from his car. Beads of sweat formed on Rays hair line trickling down his neck as real fear gripped hold of him. He watched in disbelief as the van doors burst open and six people all dressed in identical black clothing, balaclavas and military style black boots ran out of the van and towards his car. Rays fear reached fever pitch and he quickly unclipped his seatbelt wrenched the door open and dived out of his car sprinting towards the side of the road. He could hear the sound of his pursuers chasing after him there boots thundering on the tarmac. Ray reached the side of the road and vaulted over the wall into the undergrowth. The bushes slapping and ripping his clothes as he pushed through the thick leaves. He pushed forward and made it through the brush into the open field beyond and charged forward glancing back as he ran to see the terrifying sight of all the figures chasing after him. Suddenly from behind a tree in front of him another person dressed in black jumped out and pushed a cylindrical object into his chest. Ray screamed as a white flash of pain jumped through his body, his muscled contracted and who shook uncontrollably as the stun gun discharged into him. Ray fell to the grassy floor moaning watching helplessly as the figure reached down to him and covered his mouth and nose with a damp cloth. As he breathed in he felt his awareness slipping and tried to struggle but to no avail as the darkness closed in and he knew no more.

Ray was running for his life down a long dark corridor chased by shadowy figures. Sweat poured from his face and his breath whistled in his throat as he fought to stay ahead of the figures. The faster he ran the closer the figures got until he felt a bony hand close on his should causing him to cry out in fear and panic. He started struggling against the figure and then everything changed and he jumped awake his heart pounding on his chest. ‘What the hell,’ thought Ray as he become fully awake looking around his surroundings, then he remembered everything and whimpered in fear. He was tied tightly to a metal chair in the middle of what looked like a disused car park or abandoned building. His wrists were bound to the chair arms and his ankles to the legs and a gag was secured in his mouth.

Ray tried to scream the gag muffling his voice and causing him to choke as he cried out. He began to shake from side to side trying to loosen his bonds or rock the chair to the floor but it didn’t move at all. Looking down he saw that the feet of the chair had been secured into the concrete floor with steel pins. He had been awake for five long minutes now alone and terrified. A noise behind him made Ray jump as the sound of metal against metal clanged loud and echoing in the room. He struggled with his bonds desperately trying to turn his head to see who was there but without success. Slow footsteps echoed as somebody approached Ray from behind accompanied by the sound of metal being dragged along the floor. “whhoos Tphere?” Ray tried to shout his voice sounding strained and muffled. There was no response but the footsteps and the scraping sound grew closer until he could feel a presence stood directly behind him. He jumped as he felt a cold object pushed against his back and struggled against the rope bonds.

“Hello, Ray.” A cold feminine voice hissed behind him. Ray struggled against his bonds trying to locate the source of the voice but was unable to turn round. The object against his back pressed harder against his shirt as he pulled against the ropes. “Stop, struggling Ray, if I wanted you to be able to see me then I would show myself do you understand?” Ray moaned and then tried to speak again, “Wheere am I? Pleease lhet mew goo.” The voice laughed each peal of laughter striking cold fear into Ray’s heart. “You know Ray I can’t understand a word you were trying to say to me, didn’t your mother ever tell you, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full.” There was more laughter as the women finished speaking. “Here, let me help you with that.” Ray felt cold fingers roughly untie his gag from behind and pull it out of his dry mouth. As the gag was taken away Ray’s anger built to fever pitch. “Where the hell am I and who the fuck are you? You better untie me right now or so help me god I will kill you.” There was another bout of that awful laughter and then the women spoke again. “Listen Ray your in no position to be giving out threats the only thing that might help you survive this experience is if you listen, and then obey do you understand?”

Ray roared and his whole body tensed as he put a monumental effort into freeing himself from his restraints the ropes cutting through his clothes and into his wrists and ankles. “Listen, you fucking whore I’m not someone you should be messing around with when I get out of here your dead, do understand me you’re so fucking dead.” As he finished speaking he felt the object in his back pushed harder against him and this time the voice behind him was like stone. “This is your last warning worm, another outburst like that and I will send 100 thousand volts straight into your spine. Do you remember how the other stun gun felt well trust me maggot this will be a lot worse.” Fear began to pulse in Ray overriding the anger that he was desperately trying to hang onto. “Ok, I understand, I won’t shout again.” Ray spoke through gritted teeth as he strove to control himself to avoid being electrocuted again.

“Well then Ray I think its time that I let you see me.” As she spoke Ray heard her footsteps as she walked around from the back of the chair. He watched in disbelief as a 5’6 slim built woman walked into his line of sight. She was still dressed in the black army type gear, combat trousers, close fitting long sleeved top, but her face was uncovered revealing a pretty face, with deep brown eyes and shoulder length raven black hair. Ray had had enough of this he couldn’t keep his mouth shut any longer as another wave of red hot anger filled his stomach and exploded through him. “Let me go right now little lady and I won’t tell the police about this, but I warn you.” He was cut off mid sentence as a boot smashed into his open legs crushing against his crotch. Ray yelped as the woman leaned forward putting additional weight on her foot crushing his penis and balls through his jeans. “I warned you maggot,” she snapped. “From now on do not speak until spoken to understand?” She continued to grind the tread of her boot into Ray’s crotch as he writhed in pain against the chair. Ray nodded unable to speak as tears of pain dropped down from his eyes. As he acquiesced she removed her boot watching as Ray’s head drooped in shame looking down at the floor.

“Now then Ray I don’t think that I like your name.” She giggled as she spoke down to him. “I think a more suitable name would be, hmmmm how about slave. Not exactly original but it certainly does fit your new position. Yes I think that will do for now what do you think slave?” Ray didn’t move his head but mumbled yes still staring at the floor his ears reddening in embarrassment as he spoke. “Good boy, well now that we’ve got some ground rules set.” She crooned, “I think its time that I gave you a title to address me by, its no fun not having a name you know!” She giggled as she spoke and Ray raised his head looking up at her face with reddened hate filled eyes. “Now let me think slave what would be a fitting title for me, from now on you shall address me as goddess Ruth do you understand?” Ray mouth moved but no sound came out as he continued staring at the face of his tormentor. Then after a few seconds as he realised the futility of his position he mumbled once again yes. The speed with which Ruth moved took Ray by complete surprise as he found himself once again in agony as her boot smashed into his nether regions. Ruth stared down at him as he squirmed in the seat her blazing eyes burning into Ray’s face. “I thought that you were beginning to learn Ray, but obviously not. What is my fucking title slave?” She punctuated each word by pressing down with the sole of her boot on Ray’s crotch.
Ray’s face was pale and he shivered uncontrollably under the assault from Ruth. “I’m sorry Goddess Ruth,” he managed to squeak his voice cracking as he spoke. Ruth scowled down at him and then back handed him hard across the face as she removed her foot. His head flew backwards hitting the back rest of chair hard causing him to wince as a wave of dizziness rushed over him. “Now slave,” Ruth commanded. “For your sake don’t forget it again.” Ray looked up, mumbled his assent, Ruth’s hand print standing out on his stinging cheek.

“Right then I think its time we got down to business now, we’ve wasted enough time getting to know each other I think.” With that Ruth bent down and began to unzip her right boot and slid her socked foot out. Instantly an awful smell filled the room as her foot was freed to the open air. Ray shuddered as the stink hit him looking with disgust at Ruth’s foot. Ruth smiled watching Ray’s expression with great interest as she flexed her socked foot left and right relishing in the cool air that was flowing over the wet material. “Now then slave, I can tell from your face that you don’t like how my foot smells do you?” Ray panicked as he heard the question, ‘what should I say to this psycho bitch.’ He thought. “No goddess Ruth,” he murmured looking hesitantly up into her deep brown eyes. Ruth looked down at Ray a sickly sweet smile fixed on her lips she looked him up down. “Well I’m really sorry that you feel that way slave because I’m about to give you a real close up.” As Ruth finished speaking she raised her leg and pushed her moist foot straight into Ray’s face. The ball of her foot landed directly on his lips and her toes curled over his nose forcing him to breathe through his nose. Ray jumped as her foot hit him the weight felt unbearable as she pushed hard against him so that she could balance and didn’t fall over. His Head was snapped backwards against the high chair, crushed uncomfortably against the metal support. Two emotions ran rampant through Ray as he struggled to breath pinned like an insect against the chair, a strong feeling of fear and an overwhelming feeling of sickness as he sucked in his breath through her fetid sock. He could feel her toes hot and wet through the sock slithering over his undefended nose. Ruth continued to hold her size 7 foot hard against Ray’s face watching fascinated as he struggled and failed to move his head. She never grew tired of this part watching the victim struggle futilely against her feet and then eventually accepting the situation as there was no other choice. Ruth could feel Ray sucking in breath hard and fast through his nose as he struggled against her the feeling was nice and cool against her hot sweaty toes. Ray hated this he felt completely controlled and humiliated by this woman, the smell was very much like cheese that had been left out for too long and the smell didn’t seem to reduce even though he had been smelling her foot for over five minutes now.

“Well slave you’re doing really well there smelling my dirty feet, I guess you don’t have much choice really considering, but top marks anyhow!” She laughed at him jeeringly as she spoke really mashing her foot against his face so that he couldn’t breathe at all for a few seconds and then she would pull away slightly. Causing him to suck deep breathes between her toes as he struggled for air. “Well I think that you’ve smelled enough of the right foot now, lets see what you make of the left.” Ruth pulled down her foot from Ray’s face, he grunted as the pressure was released his face and nose reddened from the continuous pressure and he gasped in air through his mouth. Ruth smiled even more watching him struggle to dispel the smell of her feet from his nose and then unzipped her left boot. Once again another torrent of stinky sweat hit Ray as she pulled her socked foot free, and then with a fluid motion before he had chance to move his head she had clamped his abused face underneath her foot once more. All the feelings of embarrassment and shame hit Ray once again, as he was forced to inhale her foot odour straight through his nose. The cheesy rotten smell was being sucked up his nostrils with every breath that he took as the wet sock wriggled on his nose. Ray’s face was already covered with a greasy layer of foot sweat from Ruth’s feet and the thought of it made him feel more disgusted than ever as he dry heaved against her foot.

Suddenly Ray had an idea and with all his strength tried to open his mouth which was clamped closed against the ball of her foot. With a little slide he managed it and the ball of her foot slid slightly into his mouth with the toes still hanging directly under his nose. “Oh, you want to have a little taste do you Ray, well that was going to be for later but I can give you a preview as I can see your totally desperate for it.” Ray groaned under her foot in awful anticipation of what she was going to do to him and then came to a decision. ‘Let her put it in my mouth and I’ll bet the fucking thing off.’ The old feelings of anger and anticipation, flowed through him making him feel strong again. He watched in slow motion as she turned her foot around hovering in front of his mouth her toes wriggling slightly and then she plunged forward. The speed and force with which she pushed her foot into Ray’s mouth took him totally by surprise. One minute he had been waiting for her to do it his jaw primed and ready and then her foot was shoved completely into his mouth pushing open his jaw to its painful opening limit. Ray was unable to even attempt to bite Ruth’s foot as he felt her toes wriggled against his tongue. Desperation gripped him as saliva filled his mouth and dripped off of her soiled sock, gathering as a pool in the bottom of his mouth. He swallowed an automatic reflex to keep from slavering and then grimaced as the bitter, salty taste dripped down his throat.

“Well slave you seemed a bit keen to suck on my foot, holding your mouth open an all, so I thought I would give you as much as possible just in case you had any silly idea’s of trying to bite or anything like that!” Her face dripped with pleasure as she watched her slave grunt and moan with the pain of the stinking foot that she was trying to force down his throat. After about five minutes of the unrelenting torture Ruth said, “Ok slave I’m going to give you a choice now. You can either have my foot in my mouth for the next 30 minutes or alternatively I can take it out now remove my sock and let you lick my foot clean for lets say the next 5 minutes.” Ruth laughed as she gave him her choices. “I know that it’s a struggle to speak at the moment, so just for now I’ll accept one grunt for yes and two grunts for no!” Ray snorted once for yes and Ruth pulled her foot from his mouth. Ray furiously licked his lips trying to remove the taste of her foot from his taste buds. Ruth quickly peeled off the black sock from her well formed foot, revealing high arches and short toe nails that were painted with shiny black nail varnish. Flecks of lint and cotton were clearly visible stuck to her toes and sole where her sweat had stuck them to her. “Right then Ray get your tongue ready because these dogs need a good licking, you can start by sucking on all my toes at once.” She then lifted her hateful foot to his open mouth and pushed just the toes this time into his waiting maw. He watched in anticipation as the toes slightly flexed passed under his nose and made their way towards his lips. The decision was clear in Ray’s mind he was going to bite the fucking bitch’s toes off and then deal with the consequences later.

Her big toe brushed against his lips the slimy sticky skin making him shudder and squirm on his seat and then they all plopped into his mouth. This was the moment he had been waiting for and with all the strength in his jaw he clamped down hard on the joints of the toes. Ruth shrieked in disbelief and pain as the teeth slammed into her flesh, she immediately pulled out what looked like a gun and fired straight into Ray’s chest. He instantly screamed and released his grip on Ruth letting her stumble to the floor clutching her wounded toes. On the floor by the chair the round red rubber bullet that had struck Ray lay innocently as he grunted and spluttered his eyes wide terrified in pain and fear. A deluge of pain was radiating outwards from the impact site on his chest and he struggled to draw breath winded from the close range shot. Ruth who sat a few meters away from him on the concrete floor was slowly recovering luckily the skin on her toes hadn’t been punctured by Ray’s attack but the flesh was bright red and smell bluish bruises had appeared already. A fury that Ruth had never before felt in all her life gripped her completely, she had never before misjudged one of her captives like this before and this coupled with the pain filled her heart with acid. She grabbed her discarded sock pulling it onto her foot and replaced both of her boots before limping over to where Ray still sat gasping for his breath. Leaning closer to him until she could feel his hot laboured breath against her face she hissed. “You have no idea what you’ve done shithead, when we’ve finished with you, you’ll be thankful when a woman spits on your face. Because I tell you now the things you’ve just gone through are Childs play compared to what’s to come.” With that she leaned back hocked up the loose phlegm in her throat and spat it in Rays face splattering straight onto the bridge of his nose. Ruth then span on her heels and marched away from him still limping, “Think about it slave,” she shouted.

Ray watched her walk away and out through a door set on the far left hand side of the wall, his breath still wheezing in his chest. He could feel and smell the sticky green fluid as it slowly dripped down his nose, shaking his head futilely to dislodge it. The shock of the situation hit him hard as he sat there alone on the chair and he began to sob, great wracking cries. His head drooped as unbelievable shame consumed him combining with the sharp ache in his chest to fill him completely with absolute despair. He continued to wail and cry for the next couple of hours the spit on his drying into a sticky mess hanging from his nose to the top of his upper lip. Eventually sleep took him and he entered the escape of a dreamless sleep.

No one returned to Ray’s prison until late Monday evening leaving him alone for almost ten hours. Thank fully for Ray he had managed to sleep for most of it only waking in fits and starts to his aching neck and humiliated body. The next time he woke he was no longer alone; while he slept ten comfy looking chairs had been placed in a semi circle facing his chair. He also noticed that there was an old threadbare mattress on the floor directly in front of the chairs through which four metal tubes poked, two at each end. Seated on each of the chairs was a woman all dressed in similar clothing to Ruth each striking in their own way. Ray scanned the faces of the group nervously taking in their angry faces all directed towards him. The women were various different sizes and shapes some of them at least a size 18 and some of them were really skinny close if not achieving a size zero. As he stared he noticed Ruth languishing at the back of the horse shoe of chairs smirking at openly at his discomfort before the gathering. “I Said that you’d regret it didn’t I slave, and these fine women are here to make sure that you do worm.” She pointed as she spoke gesturing expansively at the chairs to each side, a goddess in her domain. Ray felt his heart begin to quicken and cold numbness flowed up his legs as he shook in fear. The blood drained from his face leaving him taught and drawn as his eyes flicked around the room wildly. The women howled with laughter at his reaction watching him lick his lips nervously. A tall girl called Anna who must have easily been over six foot stood up and pointed at him, “You’ve really put the fear into that one Ruthy girl, he looks half scared to death.” She chortled. “Then again so he should be after what he did to you he is really going to go through hell.” Her expression hardened as she finished speaking and she scowled at Ray as she turned away. “Now then ladies, I think we have kept the slave waiting in suspense for long enough, so go ahead unleash hell.” Ruth roared the end of the sentence turning it into a battle cry and as a single unit the girls descended upon Ray.

He cried out as they ran towards him, unsure of their plans but panic stricken and desperate. Two girls ran to each side of the chair and pulled out knifes quickly and efficiently cutting through his bonds. The group then swarmed over him grasping by his arms and legs until he was hoisted unceremoniously up into the air between them. Ray struggled the best that he could seeing this as the only chance that he had at escape but there were just too many of them. While he was being held there his clothes were stripped roughly from his body until his briefs were gone to the exalted cheers of the women. His face burned red as he was forced down upon the mattress held in place with boots and hands against his body and head. As he laid there rocking and pushing his arms and legs were spread apart and tightly secured to the steel poles poking through the mattress. After only five minutes had passed the task was finished and Ray was laid prone on the mattress bonded securely and completely helpless. The women still cheering and shouting dropped down into their respective seats catching their breaths and admiring their handiwork. Ray couldn’t take it any more he began to howl over and over again like a wounded animal screaming and bellowing. Anna the girl nearest to Ray looked down at him in disgust and pulled off her right boot and sock and forced the sweaty thick material deep into his mouth. “Put a fucking sock in it slave,” she shouted “have you no pride?” She then pulled a roll of duct tape from her pocket and quickly taped his mouth shut. This brought further peals of laughter from the women as Ray choked on the sock cutting off his desperate cries.

Ruth coughed politely bringing the ladies to order, “Ok girls now that we have got the dog tied down where he belongs I think its time that we got down to work.” The women all nodded their solemn assent as she spoke. “As you know the slave decided to bite me and you’ve all seen the bruises, so I propose that we increase our normal program and make him wish that he had never been born.” Loud angry cheers sounded from the crowd, angry looks and muttered threats aimed at the petrified man on the ground. “For the rest of this program absolutely anything goes girls, no need to ask just do it. For the rest of his stay the slave you see before you is completely subhuman nothing more than garbage so do what the hell you like because garbage doesn’t have any feelings!”
Cheers, laughter and threats once more rained down on Ray, he felt the anger and hatred surge through the air towards him like a physical force and it terrified him. ‘What have I done to deserve this,’ thought Ray, which was one of the worse things about the whole situation he had no idea why this was happening to him. “Well then, “said Ruth once the cheering and cajoling had once again died down. “lets get started girls!”

All ten women stood up and encircled Ray, his face level with their black army surplus boots. Then the deluge began the women began to kick him and stamp on his face, body and genitals without caring. Ruth’s words had hit home and they treated Ray with less respect than a door mat jumping on his chest and stomach, standing full weight on his head and face. The pain and humiliation that filled him was unbearable as their taunts and laughed filtered down to him lying on the floor. Some of the girls removed their boots and forced their bare or socked feet onto his face smearing him with their sweat, chortling as he grimaced under their assault. Claire a size 16 buxom blonde jumped on Rays stomach with her size 6 sweaty feet making him scream into his fetid gag as began to walk up and down his body as if it were the floor. As she did this the kicks and blows from the other girls continued to rain down on poor Ray. Claire stood on Ray’s chest looking down at him amused as he struggled to draw breathe watching his face turn first red and then purple. She then lifted her right foot and placed it over his face while his head was held in place by the boots of her friends.

“What do you think girls, can his head support my weight?” The laughter increased as she held her foot on his upturned face Ray’s nose flaring madly as he was forced to endure the earthy mouldy smell of her feet his nose nestled in the crease of her toes. “Well you may well give it a go love,” cooed Ruth. “What have we got to loose!”.
Ray panicked even more as he heard the conversation, he was struggling just to breathe as it was as she stood on his chest. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘if she stands on my face my head will cave in”. He began to scream and rock as much as he possibly could hoping to dislodge Claire. His monumental effort translated into almost nothing as the girls easily held him in place. Claire moved forward her weight transferring slowly from his straining chest and settling on to his face. She had placed her foot on the right side of his face so that the ball of if was balanced on his forehead and the heel was on his jaw. As she moved forward her left leg lifted and she placed her other sweat slicked foot into the same position on the other side of his face until the full weight of her body was balanced on top of his face leaving his nose free to breathe between her feet. Ray bellowed an inhuman awful sound that was only audible in his own head as his mouth was gagged and crushed under Claire’s feet. He could hear a cacophony of jeering an laughter as the women watched Claire standing on his face. His head felt like it was cracking massive pain shot through his face and his skin felt like it was splitting as she bounced slightly on his trapped head. Just when he thought that he was going to pass out from the pain she dismounted pushing off roughly from his face and resuming her position back on his chest smiling down at his bruised face. The relief that he felt as her dead weight moved from his face was immense and he silently thanked god that she had chosen that moment to get off of him.

The abuse continued this way for nearly an hour the women just having a free for all, until Ruth finally put an end to it and everyone took there original places in their seats. Rays body was scratched and bruised and his eyes were both puffy and red. “Well then ladies, that was certainly invigorating , but I think we’ve done enough for tonight we’ve still got plenty of time to have fun so lets not have it all in one go.” There were nods and murmured assents from the crowd as everyone agreed with their leader that this would be for the best. As she spoke Ruth stood up from her chair and turned to face her friends, “but before we go I think I should carry out a little test on the slave.”
As the women watched Ruth slowly walked to stand behind Ray’s head her boots on each side. Ray looked up at her still groaning from his ordeal. She reached down and unzipped first one and then the other smiling smugly at Ray’s bruised face. She pulled her bare feet out of her boots and one of the worst smells that Ray had ever had the displeasure to have smelt slammed into his nostrils. He writhed madly on the floor and his body bucked up and down as he fought against vomiting and choking on the sock in his mouth. Even some of the girls closest to Ruth stood up and moved away from her holding there noses but still laughing. “Puuuuuewwww,” laughed Anna, “You’re feet smell worse than any feet I’ve ever smelled before, what the hell of you done to them to cook up that aroma?” Ruth’s self satisfied grin grew even longer on her face, “ well Anna since I left the slave earlier on today when the little bitch tried to eat my toes, I’ve been working out. While I was working out I was wearing nothing on my feet except these old full leather boots so as you can imagine I’ve worked up a right sweat in them!”

All the girls cheered and clapped Ruth as she continued to beam looking down at Ray as fought to control himself the fear evident in his face. “So anyway,” said Ruth, “I’ve gone to all this trouble ladies because I want to punish Ray for what he did earlier.” As she spoke she jabbed her big toe in the side of Ray’s head. “As you can see,” she said holding up her foot, “The little bastard has quite badly bruised all of my toes, and let me tell you it hurts like hell, which is why I let us all have that free for all on the little shit.” She jabbed his head again with her toe. “So ladies lets see if Ray is so keen to bite me again now that he knows the consequences of his actions!” There was another raucous cheer as the girls leaned closer in anticipation of the humiliating show that was about to commence. Ruth bent down and tore the duct tape from Ray’s mouth producing a short sharp scream as the tape tore the hair from his lips. She then reached into his mouth and pulled out the sock, holding it up in the air so that all everyone could see. “Sorry Anna,” she called, “this piece of shit hasn’t done a very good job cleaning your sock, it still stinks.” She laughed and through it back to Anna. “Your right Ruth, it still does stink, well he’s got plenty of time to learn how its done, and trust me he will learn.” Anna winked at Ruth her hands on her hips. “Your dam right Anna he will learn,” she once again turned her attention back to Ray scowling down at his tired frightened face. He was rolling rhythmically from left to right and moaning a low guttural sound like that of a trapped animal. “Soooo Ray,” crooned Ruth, “your goddess has got a choice for you slave, you can either go for another round with all the girls laying into you.” She paused for effect enjoying the expression of fear the flashed on his face, “or you can beg me, and I mean really beg me for a chance to smell and lick clean my feet. The mocking laughter that rose from the gathered crowd hurt Ray’s ears and only added to the burning, awful shame that blazed in his chest.

Ruth looked down at Ray her face expectant awaiting an answer. His mind was in turmoil, he couldn’t think of anything worse than smelling or cleaning Ruth’s dirty feet but the alternative was even worse. He knew that he couldn’t go through another experience of the women attacking him, the last one had nearly killed him. He made the agonising decision the only logical route that he could take. Looking directly up at his tormentor and in a the proudest voice that he could muster he asked, “Ruth please may I clean and smell your feet please.” Once again the room filled with derisive laughter, Ruth sniggering shook her head. “I’m afraid slave that I’m going to deny your *@+!%+!, if that’s the best begging you can do. “ She turned to the women, “Ok girls lets have another free for all for the next hour.” There was a cheer and they started to move forward when an ear piercing scream shocked and froze everyone where they stood. Ray the culprit wild eyed and crying looked imploringly up at Ruth, “Please, oh please, please let me have the honour of smelling and cleaning your feet goddess, my mouth yearns to taste your flavour and my nose begs to behold your scent, oh goddess Ruth.” The uproar in the room that followed Ray’s desperate plea was unbelievable even Ruth herself could not hold herself together and burst into hysterical laughter pointing down at Ray unable to control her self. “Ok , ok slave, seen as you asked so nicely and your obviously passionate about my feet I’m going to give you a chance to satisfy me and to make up for hurting me earlier, do you understand?” “Yes goddess Ruth, thank you,” mumbled Ray feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

Ruth reached over and pulled one of the chairs behind Ray’s head so that her feet would dangle directly on top of his face. She then made a big show of sitting down yawning and stretching as if using Ray for the purpose of a foot rest was something that she did everyday. She then moved both feet simultaneously and hovered them over his nose curling and flexing her toes giving Ray a close up view of her wrinkled reddened soles. Flecks of black sock lint and lining from her boots were stuck in bits all over the bottom of her foot and as she flexed and stretched her toes Ray could see the bits of gunk and sweaty dead skin that had collected in between her toes. He shuddered in voluntarily as he watched the feet begin their slow descent towards his face, the anticipation of the act was the worse thing he felt mesmerised as he watched the feet desperately trying to breathe through his mouth without smelling the feet at all. Suddenly the slow descent changed speed and Ruth slammed her right heel down into Rays mouth effectively cutting off his breathing through his mouth. She then covered his nose with her left foot holding the crease of her toes over his nose, cupping it. Ray moaned desperately helplessly sniffing her foot as the women laughed at him. “Come on Ray,” called Ruth, “I expect you to inhale my odour deeply after begging me so much to smell my feet. Of course I could always let the girls have free reign on you again. Ray responded immediately sucking in air loudly humiliating himself even further. As Ruth continued to slither her feet over Rays helpless nose Claire pulled her chair closer to him and removed her boots. She then used her socked feet to rub Ray’s penis, stroking his shaft up and down. Ray tried his best to resist but nature took over and his cock began to thicken up under the stimulation. After a minute of this he was laid there with a erect penis while still smelling Ruth’s awfully rotten and stinky feet. “You can see why he begged you so much Ruth,” laughed Claire. “He’s such a dirty slave that he’s getting off on your smelly feet!” Everyone laughed even harder at this and the shame ran through Ray making his face burn an even brighter red. Ruth continued to rub her feet over his face for the next half an hour alternating between each foot. She then commanded him to lick them clean, which the slave obediently did. Ray grimaced and sweat beaded on his forehead and body as he forced himself to look the salty, bitter surface of Ruth’s feet. He ended the thankless job by licking in between her toes and removing the gunk and sweat that had congealed there.

“Well ladies,” Said Ruth, “I think that concludes our evening, Ray seems to have accepted his position in life now so I think that we will begin proceedings again tomorrow.” Ray felt some small sense of elation as he listened to Ruth’s words at least his ordeal was over for the time being. Ruth looked down at Ray the smug smile still firmly fixed on her face. “I think that I need to give you a parting gift slave, something that you can remember me by for the night.” Ray’s stomach sank as he wondered what she had in store for him now. Ruth seductively unzipped her black combat trousers and slid them down her shapely brown legs leaving a black thong covering her. She squatted down directly over his face hovering a few inches above his mouth. Ray could see the shape of her fanny through her thong and felt himself begin to rise in response. She then pulled her thong to the side and commanded Ray to open his mouth and prepare to swallow. Ray realised what she wanted to do to him and snapped his mouth shut looking defiantly up at her. Ruth laughed down at Ray, “Oh dear you really do try to make things hard for yourself don’t you. Claire come here and jump up and down on his balls.” Ray heard the scraping of the chair as Claire began to move towards him. “No, please goddess Ruth, I’m sorry I promise I’ll swallow.” As the words left his lips he began to sob, which amused the girls even more. “Good boy,” crooned Ruth and then opened up with a torrent of pee. The warm green acidic liquid fell in a torrent onto Ray, it splashed over his hair and forehead first of all soaking him in the urine. She then modified her aim splashing his scrunched up eyes and then squirting up his nose causing him to cough as the wee dripped in side of his mouth. The stream eventually hit home and his mouth began to fill up with the urine until he had to swallow it down. She pissed on her slave for nearly two minutes the stink of urine filling all of Ray’s being. He must have swallowed nearly ten full mouthful’s of the salty bitter liquid before she came to an end, shaking her self above him and splashing him with the left over drops.

“Ahhh that feels so much better,” said Ruth “Now Ray we are all going home to bed now, so try to get some shut eye although I guess your mattress may be a little bit damp. Girls give him some socks to soak up the piss don’t want him loosing sleep!” At Ruth’s command all of the women removed their socks and chucked them onto Rays body and face until there were ten pairs of socks laid over him and all he could smell was the combined stench of urine and sweat. “See you later slave.” Chorused the girls and then they walked out all of them wearing their boots barefoot. Rays began to cry again scrunching his face up constantly as the urine began to sting his skin, he shook his head and managed to get the socks that was on his face to fall off although this did nothing to alleviate the smell as they piled up at the sides of his head. After many false starts Ray eventually drifted off into a fitful sleep filled with dark dreams about torture and women doing awful terrible things to him for their pleasure.

I’d like to be able to tell you that was the end for Ray and that after that one horrible day that the women decided to let him go free as he had learned his lesson. But if I told you that then I would be lying, for the next six days Ray was continuously tortured, humiliated and terrible unspeakable things were done to him. He was reduced to following commands through a whistle and punished if he didn’t respond quickly enough. By the end of those days he had lost the sense of the person that he had been before and only lived to perform for these women and to carry out their commands. There was no fight left within him everything had been burned away through the cruel and belittling techniques that were employed upon him. It was in this state of being that Ray found himself staring at a front door he recognized on a Sunday morning. Next to him stood goddess Ruth, and she was knocking on the white wooden door. It took Ray a while to place it but then he realised that this was where he used to live. This was his house that he shared with someone, someone, yes that was it his wife Helen. Goddess Helen he berated himself silently he must remember that as Ruth had instructed him, if he were to please his new owner then he must try harder, that’s what Goddess Ruth had told him.

After a short while the door opened and Goddess Helen dressed in a silky red night dress stood in the doorway. “Oh my,” she exclaimed excited and apprehensive to see her husband the man she loved and also feared standing once again in the doorway. He was dressed in a black suit with a shirt and tie, and his normally long unruly raven black hair had been trimmed into a respectable short back and sides style. Ruth stepped forward and hugged Helen as although this was the first time that they had met face to face they already felt that they had a bond. “Don’t worry Helen,” whispered Ruth as she held her “everything is going to be much better for you now dear, Ray has definitely seen the error of his ways believe me.” Helen whispered thanks to Ruth and then the three of them walked into Helen’s house. Helen and Ruth took seats on the leather sofa while Ray stood in front of both of them looking down at his carpeted floor. Goddess Ruth looked up at Ray and then pulled out a black whistle from her pocket and blew one sharp blast on it making Helen jump. She watched amazed as the bully her husband immediately dropped to the floor in front of Ruth on his knees and then bended his head forwards and down to the floor so that he was in a totally submissive worshipping position on the floor. Ruth then placed her stiletto heels on the back of Ray’s head, smiling as she watched the disbelief and awe in Helen. “Oh my god,” whispered Helen, “I can’t believe what you’ve done to him, I just can’t believe that Ray would let a women do that to him.” Ruth shrugged as if to say that was nothing, “Helen dear, I promise you now you will not recognise your husband for the caveman that you used to live with before.” She then reached into her patent leather hand bag and removed a leaflet and another black whistle, she then handed both items to a bemused Helen. “Ok love, because we have spent a lot of time training Ray, there are now many different commands that have been ingrained into him so we have produced you a guide so that you know all the functions that he is capable of.” Helen giggled furiously at this, “I still can’t believe that this has happened, that my husband has been changed so much. I really can’t thank you enough Ruth for what you’ve done for me.” Helen reached out and hugged her again still looking in disbelief at her shoes resting on the back of Ray’s head. Ruth shook her head with a beaming smile, “Helen honestly don’t worry about it we enjoy, in fact we love what we do and I’m so glad that we’ve been able to help your situation.”

Helen began to leaf through the leaflet, giggling and laughing at some of the commands that were described within the pages. Ruth watched her feeling a sense of complete satisfaction knowing that the woman who sat before her now was completely different from the desperate woman that emailed her asking for help. “Well Helen I can’t stay too long as I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today but before I go I’d like to see you try out your slave just so I know that he is responding correctly to you.” Helen giggled again she couldn’t help feeling like a like a little girl who had just received a birthday present. “Ok,” she said taking a deep breath, she then blew hard twice on the whistle and Ray responded immediately. He reached up above his head and removed Ruth’s feet from his head and carefully placed them on the floor, and then he stood up and moved in front of Helen his wife. “How may I serve you, goddess Helen?” He asked subserviently looking at the floor. The double whistle was the command to call Ray to attention and he had responded quickly and efficiently which pleased Ruth. Helen couldn’t control herself when she saw how her husband had reacted to the whistle, she doubled up on the sofa laughing at him as he stood there waiting expectantly for her commands. “Ohhh god,” she cried, “this is too much, its so refreshing to see Ray like this.” Helen took a few moments to regain control of herself and then still grinning said, “Ok Ray, I’ve had a bit of loose skin on the ball of my foot that’s been annoying me, could you be a pet and bite it off for me.”

Helen watched her husband closely still unsure of herself expecting him to loose it and shout at her. Her surprise increased as he bowed his head and knelt down in front of her tenderly held her foot, lifted it up, located the lose skin and began to nibble it. Helen’s grin widened as she watched the scene unfold in front of her, so this was what it was like to have a slave she thought. Ruth left Helen that day confident that her work was done, although she assured Helen that if he needed any further instruction in the future that the Sisters of power would provide it. As Ruth walked out of the door she glanced behind and saw Ray laid on the floor giving Helen a foot bath with his tongue as she stretched out on the sofa grinning madly. ‘Well,’ thought Ruth with a feeling of satisfaction, ‘another man has been put in his rightful place.’ With that she left Helens house and began the journey home.

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