Story 3

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That horrible cow in the Welfare Benefits Office, had really been getting up my nose lately,the bitch! What had it got to do with her,if I preferred to spend my valuable time playing video games,and watching old re-runs on T.V.,instead of looking for “gainful employment”,as she called it? I smoothed out her letter,which I had crumpled in my anger and outrage,to re-check the time of my appointment with her,that afternoon.

I got there early,and pretended,as usual,to take a keen interest in the ‘Latest Vacancies Board’. Shaking my head,and feigning disappointment with the gestures that I had perfected over the past 5 years,it was in this fashion,that I passed the time until 2 p.m.,the time of my appointment. When I looked,I saw that Miss Broadfoot’s (for that was her name) previous client had left,and,catching my eye,she pointed her finger at the seat opposite her. “Sit down”,she mouthed at me,silently.God!,oh,how I hated these interviews,with this witch. After suffering her for the last 5 years,as my case officer,I was sick of the sight of her,and her constant pestering,fed up to the back teeth of her,in fact. I sat down opposite her,as she had bidden me,and said,”hello,Miss Broadfoot,how are we,today?,You are looking well,if I may say”,and offering her the best smile I could muster.She regarded me,for half a minute,not saying a single word.Heaven help me!.But the old sow always knew how to get under my skin.Hang on a minute,though.I’ll take that back.”Old sow”,might be a bit strong,and I am nothing,if not fair minded.Her face seemed to have the potential to be quite pretty,but,I wouldn’t know,as her features had never softened into a smile,in all of the 5 years,of her dealing with me.And I had to admit,(being fair minded),that she did have a lovely pair of tits.At last,she got up from her seat,and went to retrieve my file from the top shelf of the filing cabinet.I hope this isn’t going to take too long,I thought.There was a repeat of ‘The Twilight zone’ on T.V. at 3 p.m. Credit where it’s due though,I thought,begrudgingly,as she walked to the files,but she is not short of a fine pair of legs,either.Despite myself,to my surprise,I found I was actually getting a little excited,at the pleasant sight of her rather shapely legs,and her pert bottom.As she reached up to the top shelf,she had to stand on tip-toe,and both of her heels popped out of her pumps.Her feet were bare,and I noticed,with distaste,that the skin on and around the bottom of her heels was dry,and hard looking,and my usual negative and uncharitable feelings,and attitude towards her,forcibly reasserted themselves.Just as she turned around,I looked away,but,not in time.She had caught me looking,and saw the expression on my face.The lines on her face,were harder than I had ever seen them before,as she resumed her seat.Again,she gazed at me,and said not a word,for a full minute,and I quailed,at her expression.At long last,she said,”now,David,I am sure that it will come as an unpalatable surprise to you,to learn that the government has,at long last,decided to clamp down severely,on layabouts,and workshy malingerers,such as yourself.And,not a moment too soon,in my view!” “Excuse me,Miss Broadfoot!”,I whined.”I don’t think that’s very fair”.”Not very fair?”,and her voice was icy.”You have not done a single,solitary stroke of work in the last 5 years”,she accused.She had me there,I could not argue with that.”How do you think I feel,knowing that my income tax is being used to support the likes of you?”,she inquired,with great indignancy.If this went on much longer,I thought,I was in danger of missing the start of ‘The Twilight Zone’.”But,Miss Broadfoot”,I countered,”it is not easy to find work these days,in the current economic climate”,and I sat back in my seat,pleased with my turn of phrase.Stick that in your pipe and smoke it,bitch,i thought,maliciously.There was a glint in her eye,and I I that the old hag (unfair of me again,she was only about 25,in reality),had read my mind.But,no,it was something entirely different.”So,I’m going to help you,David”,she informed me.”Your Welfare Benefit Payments are being stopped,as of the end of this week”,she said,a cruel smile forming at the corners of her hateful mouth.”But,you can’t”,I protested in alarm,all thoughts of ‘The Twilight Zone’ now forgotten,and irrelevant.”Oh,but I can.And I am”,she assured me,and now it was her turn to sit back,decidedly smug,and self satisfied.”I have got a choice of three jobs to offer you,and you are going to take one of them”,she asserted.”Your halcyon days of indolence,have come to a close,David”,she informed me,thoroughly pleased,for once,with the way the interview was going,and I could see that she fully intended enjoying it to the max. I was on the point of asking her what “halcyon”,and “indolence” meant,but I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.Besides,I had a pretty good idea of the gist.”Your first prospective job opportunity”,she continued pleasantly,”is for the position of ‘car valeter’”.”I don’t want a job cleaning the crap out of peoples cars!”,I wailed,and a number of job hunters (some of them must have been!),looked round,wonderingly,as to the source,and cause,of that plaintive cry.”Job choice number 2,she continued,with relish,”is for the position of ‘kitchen porter’”.”If you think I am going to spend my days labouring under a bunch of self important,arrogant,jumped up chefs,you are sadly mistaken,Miss Broadfoot”,I assured her,decisively.”And so,we come to employment option number 3,then,David”,and at this,there was that glint in her eye again.”’Heel Bar’ attendant”,she said,cryptically.”What?”,I asked,brightening a little,at this option.”You mean,work in a shoe repair shop?”,thinking this sounded the cushiest choice.The other two sounded too much like hard work.”Hours of work,are 5 p.m. – 2 a.m,with 3, 20 minute breaks”,she went on,ignoring my question.Curious hours of business,for that kind of establishment,I mused,and a mite unsociable.But then I remembered there was a whole new series of repeats of ‘The Twilight Zone’ starting next week,that I would be able to watch,between 3 p.m.- 4 p.m.,and I could still lie in bed till 11 – 30,as was my long established custom.”I’ll take it”,I announced,congratulating myself that at least,and at last,I was going to get this insufferable woman out of my hair,for good.Hey!,and the extra money would come in handy,too.There were some new video games that I coud’nt afford,not on my measly Welfare Benefit Payments.Until now.”I’ll take it,Miss Broadfoot”,I repeated,and that glint in her eye,turned into a veritable sparkle.”Congratulations,David.Start today”,she ordered.

When I found the town centre address on my job acceptance form,I thought at first that there must be some kind of mistake.There were two burly doormen standing outside the entrance,under a large sign,which depicted a pair of lady’s bare, mule (loosely) clad feet,crossed at the ankles,and seen from an eye level,rear view angle.The skin on the sole of one foot,was stretched taut,and smooth.The other,below a rather prominent heel,was a profusion of wrinkles,and the pads of toes.And the image,seemed to evoke a profound sense of luxuriating,sensual comfort,well being,and contentment.And,just under those happy feet,was the legend,’THE HEEL BAR.’Seeing my uncertainty,one of the burly doormen said,”are you David?”.Taken aback somewhat,,I said “yes,I am meant to start work at the shoe repair shop,at 5 p.m.”Sharing a secret smile,the two burly doormen escorted me inside.My uncertainty turned to confusion,when I saw a long bar counter,with a long row of identical,high barstools,that seemed to be fixed in place.plush carpet,and a number of tables with very comfortable looking chairs.Soft lighting,and pleasant background music,formed the congenial ambience,of the extremely comfortable environment,that was,’THE HEEL BAR’. At the moment,still being early evening,ther was only one lady,occupying a barstool,with the Proprietress herself,serving behind the bar.And my confusion turned to shock,then to alarm,when the lady turned around,and looked at me,and smiled,(and that was the first time that I had ever seen her smile),but her smile chilled me.”Miss Broadfoot!”,I exclaimed.”Yes,Miss Broadfoot”,said the Proprietess,Miss Joy Ryder,”thankyou for supplying us with this worker,it’s so difficult getting staff to work here,as you know.As our guest,tonights entertainment is on the house,with our grateful compliments”.Then,Miss Broadfoot,addressing me,said,”I am glad you are not late for work,David.When you so surprisingly took this job,I thought I simply must pop in for a drink,so that you may have the honour of serving me,as your very first customer.To start you off,on the right foot,so to speak”,and she chuckled delightedly,at her little joke.After relishing my confusion a moment longer,she nodded,to the two burly doormen.Immediately grabbing my arms,they forced me to sit on the padded floor directly behind Miss Broadfoot’s barstool,with my legs stretched out between the legs of her barstool.Then,my wrists and ankles were secured by restraints,that were set into the floor,for this very purpose.”What’s going on?”,I yelled.Miss Broadfoot turned and looked down at me(though,looked down ON me,would be more accurate),and cackled maliciously,and the sound turned my blood to ice water.In this position,Miss Broadfoot’s mule clad feet(for they were what she wore,this evening),were directly in front of me,mere inches from my face,resting on a rung of her barstool.Then,elevating her heels,slightly,from her mules,she said,”now,David,help yourself.Have a good look.We’ve got until 2 a.m. for you to become intimately acquainted,with them”.As ladies legs are not all the same length,there was a lever fitted to these barstools,that facilitated the ladies to adjust the height and angle,to their particular satisfaction.To an absolute nicety.Miss Broadfoot now took advantage,and demonstrated her expertise,with this ingenious and diabolical device,to give me the benefit of studying her heels from eye level.From this close range,I could not avoid studying them,and in great detail,which,of course,was the idea.And why the barstools were designed this way.The skin did seem hard,on the bottoms of her heels,and slightly rough around the edges,and at the back.From this close,I could smell them,too,a quite pungent stink.She crossed and recrossed her ankles,so that I could view the soles of her feet,from different angles.I started to struggle with my restraints,trying to escape from her stinky feet,but it was useless.”Let me go! Let me out!”,I shouted,in panic,and the beginnings of fear.Then,Miss Broadfoot turned and looked down at me,and smiled,sadistically.”Oh!,so there IS a God”,she exulted,her face,a picture of pure ecstasy. “Now,I’ve got you,exactly where I want you,have’nt I,David?,and this is SO where you belong,is’nt it?This is all you are fit for,you bone idle,lazy,little good for nothing waste of space.This is my dream come true,do you realise that,David?You have no idea!And I am going to savour every moment,do you hear me,David?,every single moment,until 2 a.m.,of putting you firmly in your place.And I am exactly the right person,to do it!”Overcome,now,with panic and fear,I renewed my struggling,but again,it was to no avail.When I stopped,she kicked off her mules,and positioned her right foot,displaying to me the whole of the sole of her right foot,from the tips of her toes at the bottom,as I looked at it,to her hard heels,at the top,about an inch from my face,and said,with huge relish,”David,kiss my foot!”.”No way!”,I shouted,and tried to move my face away from her foot,but could’nt,the barstools restraints,being so fiendishly designed.In answer to this,Miss Broadfoot dealt my face such a series of blows with her bare,hammer heels,and I shouted “stop!,stop!”.When she did,her right foot came back into position again,and she repeated,”kiss my foot,david!”.”No!,you bitch!”,I yelled.”I resign!”,I screamed,futilely.This time,I thought I was going to black out,from this punishment from her killer heels.”Stop!,stop!”,I cried again.But,this time her hammer blows did not stop,and there was no escape,from her heels,and soon,I could stand it no longer.”Please,Miss Broadfoot,please”,I pleaded.But,still the blows continued,her flashing feet,dealing out terrible punishment,to my exposed,vulnerable face.”Oh,please,oh,please,Miss Broadfoot”,I whimpered.”Oh!,Miss Broadfoot.I beg you!,I beg you!”And so,I capitulated to Miss Broadfoot’s pitiless onslaught.Once again,her right foot came back into position,and this time,when she commanded me,”David,kiss my foot”,I was not slow to respond.I kissed her foot,with what would have seemed,to an uninformed onlooker,like a crazed passion,gently,at first,then firmly.Miss Broadfoot and I both knew ,now,that she had battered me into submission,broken my will,all my resistance,now gone.She positioned her foot,so I could kiss all the many places,on it.After a while,she positioned her left foot for me,and when she ordered,”kiss my foot,David”,I responded immediately,with a repeat performance.Then,when her right foot returned,she commanded,with an unmistakable note of power,and triumph,”David,suck my heel!”.I did not dare hesitate,I did not want the wrath of her pulverizing,hammer heels revisited on me,and I knew I was hers.I was vanquished,by Miss Broadfoot.I opened my mouth,as wide as I could,and I accommodated all of the bottom of her hard heel,and I sucked,and licked on that hard skin,pressing my tongue as hard as I could,and though it soon ached,I continued to do my very best,for her.

After a repeat performance,with her left foot,she she said,”now,David,foot bath”,and she inserted the toes of her right foot,deep into my mouth.Then,she commanded me to lick between her toes,and to suck them.”Hard as you can,David”,she encouraged.Then,she ordered me to lick the whole of the sole of her foot,from the tips of her toes,right up to the back of her heel.Then,as she contentedly sipped her drink (for she knew now,that she would have no further need,of chastisement),she said,with exquisitely studied complacency,and nonchalance,”other foot,now,David,and I’ll just enjoy a drink or two,to celebrate your new job”.

After that,until 2 a.m.,she was mostly content just to have me there,at her feet,restrained,under her barstool.Totally in her power,serving her every wish and whim,and she had many.She gently massaged both feet on my face,together,and pressed all the many parts of them to my lips,for me to kiss,to worship.At exactly 2 a.m.,she finally eased herself from her barstool,a little stiffly,for,she had denied me my entitlement to my 3 ,20 minute breaks,for my initial disobedience,and,except for a number of short toilet breaks,we had both been in our respective positions,the whole time.

After retrieving her mules,this time,she really did look down on me,still helplessly restrained and vulnerable,in pure disdain,and said to me,her voice,as I had never heard it before,filled,with an awful authority,”David,a word of advice.Do not lose this job.Do exactly as your Mistresses command you.Do what they tell you to do,when they tell you to do it.Or as you have found out tonight,you will certainly be made to suffer the consequences of your disobedience.”Then,after saying her good night,to the Proprietress behind the bar,my employer,Miss Joy Ryder,and thanking her warmly,for a splendid evenings entertainment,Miss Broadfoot left ‘THE HEEL BAR’,seemingly,a changed woman,as though some great burden,some pernicious blight on her life,had been mercifully lifted from her.And I listened to her hard,bare heels,slapping on her mules,like the echos of her words,as she serenely walked out.

Some other customers of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,also began vacating their barstools.Though,invariably,there were always some ‘night owls’,amongst them,and,’THE HEEL BAR’ attendants serving at their barstools,would stay there,and work unpaid overtime,until their services were no longer required,that night.I had barely noticed my co-‘HEEL BAR’ attendants,restrained at the barstools on either side of me,serving their Mistresses,so intent was I,upon serving the many demands of Miss Broadfoot,to her satisfaction.And,in any case,’THE HEEL BAR’ attendants,are not permitted to talk to each other,and any ‘HEEL BAR’ attendant foolish enough to break this rule,can expect swift,and severe punishment,either from the lady occupying their barstool at the time,or from the Proprietress,Miss Joy Ryder.Or both.

As no customers came to occupy the barstool that Miss Broadfoot had vacated,the one I served,the Proprietress,Miss Joy Ryder,released me from my restraints,and,after commenting that she hoped I had enjoyed my first day at ‘THE HEEL BAR’,she allowed me to go home.

When I finally did get home,in those small,lonely hours of that morning,I sat down,collapsed,and cried my eyes out.But,not for the reasons you might imagine.I was not crying out of self pity.No,these were the soul cleansing tears,of remorse,and contrition.For the way I had treated,and behaved towards,for the last 5 years,that very fine lady,Miss Broadfoot.I had sneered at her,as she had been doing her very best to instil some dignity and respect into me,despite believing me a hopeless,lost cause,and,in the process,to improve the quality of my meaningless life,by putting some money in my pocket,and giving my life some meaning,by finding me a decent job.But no,the jobs were never good enough,for lazy bones David,were they?Preferring instead,to sit at home watching old repeats of ‘The Twilight Zone’,and other nonsense.Now ,Miss Broadfoot had given me a chance,to pay something back,to society.When Miss Broadfoot had “savoured her moment,of putting me in my place”,she had,I now felt,done me the biggest favour of my life.She had taught me the salutary lessons of respect,for my female betters,my natural superiors,that I so badly needed to learn.And she had taught me well.Knocked some sense into me,you could say.I knew that Miss Broadfoot had relished her evening of revenge,that she had thrilled to the cathartic power over me,and of hurting me, especially in such a degrading and humiliating fashion.Of bringing me totally,and utterly,’to heel’.Her heel.But I now understood,and readily conceded,that hers was a just revenge,or,more aptly,retribution,and I harboured no feelings of ill will or resentment towards her.Quite the contrary,in fact.

Now,I was a changed person,instilled with a sense of duty,which I marvelled at.The next day,I went to the Welfare Benefits Office,to see Miss Broadfoot.Firstly,I thanked her for finding me a decent job of “gainful employment”and I used those exact words,for I knew it would please her.Then,to the utter astonishment of the job hunters,I actually got to my knees in front of her desk,and begged her to forgive my despicable sins,of the past 5 years.And said that I only wished there was a way of making things up to her,as I felt so in her debt.My tears started again,at this.Such was the strength of my emotion.Then,she said to me,”I forgive you,David,for I believe you have taken on board,and to heart,the lessons I taught you last night”.At this,I crumpled to the floor,shaking,with the force of this emotion,of gratitude,and an overwhelming sense of guilt,that I did not deserve the forgiveness,of this exceptionally fine lady.I told her this,and she said to me,”David,you can earn my forgiveness,by being efficient,proficient,dedicated,and devoted,in your duties at ‘THE HEEL BAR’.I then promised Miss Broadfoot,that I would make it the business of my life,to earn her forgiveness,and her approbation.

Upon leaving Miss Broadfoot,acting on her advice,I went and purchased a book on reflexology,to educate myself on the many ways that I could become “proficient” in the ways and arts of serving and pleasing the patrons and casual visitors of ‘THE HEEL BAR’.That book was a revelation,with graphic and easy to understand instructions on how to perform these arts,that improve the general health of my Mistresses,as well as affording them the sensual pleasure,and pampering,that they so crave,and love.Of course,held in position by my wrist and ankle restraints,I was limited to performing my reflexology,by lips,nose,and tongue.Though,the Proprietress of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,Miss Joy Ryder,told me later,that she believed,beyond any doubt,that it was the best way.When I reported for duty at ‘THE HEEL BAR’,for my 5 p.m. start,on my second day,upon seeing my face,which was a mass of bruises,from the ‘corrective treatment’ administered by the hammer heels of Miss Broadfoot,on the previous evening,the two burly doormen,whose job it was,to keep men out of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,exchanged a knowing smile,and waved me through.As there were no customers yet,the Proprietress herself,Miss Joy Ryder,after placing me,unresisting,and compliant,in my restraints,availed herself of my services,until the first customer arrived.It was time,to become “intimately acquainted”,with the feet of my employer,and Proprietress of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,Miss Joy Ryder.

Looking back,paradoxically,my second day at work,at ‘THE HEEL BAR’,was a microcosm of all my days at ‘THE HEEL BAR’.And yet,no two days are ever the same,in the life of a ‘HEEL BAR’attendant. And I still have very vivid recollections of that day.Perhaps,because it was my first day,after Miss Broadfoot’s ‘initiating’,of me.Sometimes,the memories will come flooding back.Unbidden,mental images will leap before my eyes,like video replays going off in my head,’footage’,in more ways than one,usually,just before I go to sleep.Unable to ‘switch off’,even in my sleep,from my work,at ‘THE HEEL BAR’.

I will never forget,for instance,the very first paying customer,to avail herself of my services,immediately upon my Mistress,Miss Joy Ryder,relinquishing her barstool,so that she,the paying customer,could enjoy it’s many benefits and pleasures,The services and attentions,of ‘THE HEEL BAR’ attendant.I rember it so well,because she treated me the way that most of ‘THE HEEL BAR’ customers,treat ‘THE HEEL BAR’ attendants.She used me.Without a single word to me before,during,or after,she used me.Though,abused,may seem a more appropriate term,except for the fact,that it was perfectly natural,and normal behaviour,in ‘THE HEEL BAR’.As I was soon to find out,I,and my co-‘HEEL BAR’ attendants,were just parts of the furniture.(Though,there are some customers of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,both regular patrons,and casual visitors,who come with the ‘sole purpose’,of cruelly abusing,and humiliating,the restrained,vulnerable,and defenceless,’HEEL BAR’ attendants,simply because they like to.Mercifully,though,these ladies are in the minority.)

But,I digress.My first paying customer (a small admission fee is paid at the door),upon occupying her barstool,and finding it’s position already perfect for her,she kicked off her flip flops,and reaching for my face,right behind her feet,she found my face,and cupped my nose,with the toes of her right foot,then she crossed her ankles.Then,she scrunched her toes on my nose,gripping,then flexing,and wiggling her toes of her other foot,in front of my eyes.Then,she switched to her left foot,and repeated her taunting,maddening,footplay,for 30 minutes.Then,she took her drink,and sat on one of the very comfortable chairs,at one of the tables,to enjoy the congenial atmosphere of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,to have a chat,with her friends,and to watch the occupants of the barstools, putting the attendants through their paces,so to speak.

No sooner was the barstool vacated,than it was occupied,again.This time,I thought my Mistress was Indian,or perhaps Pakistani,judging by the dark skin tone of her feet.She immediately shed her mules,and,reaching for my face with both feet,she presented me with an extreme close-up view,of her soles,of which her heels,and the balls of her feet,seemed to have slightly hard skin,and were actually quite grimy,as though she liked to go barefoot,a lot.Then,she imperiously forced the toes of her right foot,into my mouth,and commanded,”get sucking,my little footboy!”.Not daring to hesitate,I put my tongue to work,licking between her sweaty,dirty toes,then I sucked them all,one by one.Then,she switched feet,and I repeated my foot cleaning duties to her.While I was sucking her toes,I studied her dirty,grimy heels,just in front of my eyes,knowing that she was probably going to order me to suck them,and lick them clean.And my intuition did not fail me.Then,with ‘THE HEEL BAR’ quite busy now,and with her 30 minutes now up,she reluctantly vacated her barstool,though,I am sure she would have loved to have me at her feet all night,if she could.Then,her timing,quite perfect,the Proprietres,Miss Joy Ryder,serving behind the bar,said,”ladies,I am so sorry,but,as we are now so very busy,please be sure to vacate your barstools,as soon as your 30 minutes are up.Thankyou,ladies”.(Some ladies,needed to be reminded!)

Then,my next client bent down,and looked at me,and said,”hello,sweetie”,in her honeyed tones.”Have you been behaving yourself,David? You are going to be seeing rather a lot,of my feet from now on”,promised Miss Broadfoot,for it was she.After Miss Broadfoot had enjoyed what was to become her customary ‘footbath’,she made herself comfortable at one of the tables,and enjoyed a few drinks,whilst eqally enjoying watching me perform my duties,in the new job that she had been so kind as to find,for me.In between my 3 ,20 minute breaks,my vision was filled with a relentless succession,of female feet,thrust into my face,below the barstool.And I was ordered variously to sniff,smell,kiss,lick,and suck,according to the whims and wishes of the female occupants of the barstool,at the time.But,as I intimated earlier,more often than not,ladies would simply occupy the barstool,and just luxuriate,enjoying the pleasurable,relaxing,and satisfying sensations,of rubbing,and massaging their feet,on my face.Or,simply resting,or pressing their feet into my face,so that they can fill my head,with their foot aroma,and the sight of the soles of their feet,at the most extreme close-up range possible.For,I was theirs,and belonged to them alone,for as long as they occupied their barstool.

‘THE HEEL BAR’,is the place where they can come,where THEY are the boss,where THEY call the shots,and where THEY,are in control,with a ‘man’,at their feet.Brought ‘to heel’.For,after all,this is,’THE HEEL BAR’. ‘THE HEEL BAR’,is their little piece of heaven,where things are just how THEY,like them,and,just how things should be. And,who am I,to argue?

That was 5 years ago,now.I have obeyed Miss Broadfoot,and made sure that I have not lost my job,at ‘THE HEEL BAR’.Often working overtime for no pay,and never complaining,no matter what,which,as you may imagine,has not been easy,at times.In fact,I often thank the Proprietress,Miss Joy Ryder,for continuing to employ me,at her fine establishment.I must have served at the feet of many hundreds,probably thousands,of females by now,many of them being regular patrons of ‘THE HEEL BAR’.I have come to know that feet,are as different as faces,never the same.And even now,5 years on,I am still amazed by the infinite variety of shapes,sizes,skin tones,smells,tastes,and,most of all,the ‘personalities’,of feet.And I have become,in the words of Miss Broadfoot,”intimately acquainted”,with many of them,over the past 5 years,coming to know some feet,as I would know familiar faces.

Miss Broadfoot is a frequent visitor,has been given the honour of free membership,in fact,by the Proprietress of ‘THE HEEL BAR’,Miss Joy Ryder,as a special ‘Thankyou’,for delivering me into her service.Miss Broadfoot’s heels have become quite soft now,under my “proficient”,and regular ministrations,and general T.L.C. And she will often sit comfortably at a table,for hours,and never tire of watching me perform my duties,over a drink or two,at the feet of a never ending,and seemingly inexhaustible,procession of customers.Oh!,how I long for the visits of Miss Broadfoot,to ‘THE HEEL BAR’.And it is a mystery to me,why I did not appreciate the beauty,and the perfume of her feet,from the beginning.But,it has become much more for me,than that.At those golden moments,when Miss Broadfoot first kicks off her shoes,and proffers her feet to my face,I bury my face,in her soles,and I draw comfort,and succour,from them,like a baby,drawing comfort,from it’s Mother.And my tears of gratitude,are her ‘bath salts’,as I bathe her feet,with my tongue,with reverence,and love.For,’THE HEEL BAR’,can be a lonely,desolate,and cruel place,for the lowly ‘HEEL BAR’ attendant.

The customers,using,abusing,careless,indifferent.And cruel.Torturing the poor,defenceless,vulnerable ‘HEEL BAR’ attendants,with their dirty,stinky,grimy feet,and exulting in their commands,for them to be sniffed,and licked clean.And they will deliver brutal punishment,with their heels,at the slightest hesitation.

‘THE HEEL BAR’,for some reason,is still having difficulty,attracting staff.And,at the moment,I am the longest serving ‘HEEL BAR’ attendant,on record.And,working for the minimum wage since I began my employment here,I have not taken a pay rise,insisting instead,that the Proprietress,Miss Joy Ryder,spend that money on lotions,on all the other paraphernalia of quality foot care,on herself.

Miss Joy,is kind enough to allow me to work,on my day off,at flat rate,of course,so that I am able to ‘make ends meet’,as there is always plenty of overtime available,at ‘THE HEEL BAR’,due to the shortage of ‘HEEL BAR’ attendants.

Very often,I come to work at ‘THE HEEL BAR’,an hour early,unpaid,of course,to serve my employer,and Mistress,Miss Joy Ryder,and to practice and perfect,my reflexology,and pedicure skills,with my hands,under her expert instruction.

It’s a heavy workload,and when ‘THE HEEL BAR’ is busy,especially at week ends,and customers are impatiently waiting their turn,to occupy a barstool,to avail themselves of the services and attentions,of a ‘HEEL BAR’ attendant,service is strictly limited,to 30 minutes,per customer.

More often than not,I serve at least a full compliment of 16 ladies,during my shift,at ‘THE HEEL BAR’.Often more,when I am required to work unpaid overtime,at the end of my shift,to accommodate the ‘night owls’,many of which,are personal friends of the Proprietress,Miss Joy Ryder,and she is a ‘night owl’ herself,by necessity.’Night owls’ may come in,after a late shift at work,for a relaxing drink,and an even more relaxing,foot pampering.Or,just simply through a reluctance to vacate the comfort and the luxury of their barstools,along with it’s ‘attendant’ pleasures,after hours.Of course,sometimes,it is simply and purely because they want to. And because they can.

The Proprietress of ‘THE HEEL BAR’ ,Miss Joy Ryder,whose feet are kept in perfect condition,by myself,her ‘head’ ‘HEEL BAR’ attendant,and personal foot servant,says that ‘THE HEEL BAR’ has never been so busy,and that she is being forced to consider reducing the maximum ‘HEEL BAR’ attendant service time,when demand is heavy,to 15 minutes per customer,so that even more ladies can avail themselves,of the services,and attentions,of ‘THE HEEL BAR’ attendants. “I am sorry,David”,apologised Miss Joy,as I painted her toenails,”but,I just can’t get the staff,these days”.

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