Story 2

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“This is the ‘Last Chance Saloon’,for you,David”,said Mrs.Gloria Summers.And,looking at her straight,serious face,it was obvious that there was no pun intended,that it was an unconscious double entendre,on her part.”If you don’t grasp this last chance,and as I have told you,this is an extra chance that I have decided to give you,and,I must add,against the best advice of my colleagues”,she gestured towards the two men and another woman who sat with her,behind their desk opposite me,who together made up The Board Of Governors of The gambling Corrections Authority,of which Mrs.Gloria Summers was Chairperson,”you will leave us no viable alternative,David,but to place you on the next available course of Hypno Chemical Therapy,which,while it is still in it’s embryonic,experimental stages as a science,it will be the final resort,that you leave open to us”.After regarding the four stern faces in turn,and finding no,or little trace of compassion in any of them,I decided to throw myself on the mercy of The Chairperson.”But,Mrs.Summers,I have heard about some of the side-effects suffered by many of the subjects of this experimental treatment.Please,Mrs.Summers,please don’t put me through that!”,I pleaded.”Well,you should have thought about that before,should’nt you?”,said the rather severe looking woman sitting next to her.Continuing quickly,Mrs.Summers went on,”you can’t keep gambling away your Unemployment Benefit,and expect The State to keep baling you out indefinitely,David.And that’s where my final chance to you comes in”.The woman beside her touched her arm,and was about to say something,when Mrs.Summers said,”please,Emily,I know of your misgivings,and those of Arthur and Harold,but I happen to believe that David is not beyond redemption,his fear of the Chemical Trials,being an effective deterrent for him”.Now,looking directly at me,an unmistakable message in her eyes,she placted her fellow Board members further.”If David should lapse back into his old ways,I shall take on full responsibility for it,myself.Your reservations and concerns have been duly noted in the records”.Now,Mrs.Summers returned the full weight of her gaze back to me,as she went on.”David,I am placing you on a 1 year probation order.You will work,for the National Minimum Wage,at my factory,until the satisfactory conclusion of your 1 year probation period.Should you become unemployed,or,if you are caught gambling again,in any way,shape or form,then,you will have placed yourself quite beyond my help and protection,David,and you can rest assured,that we would then place you on the next available course,of The Hypno Chemical Therapy Trials.Do you understand me,David?”.Not trusting my voice,such was my relief at being given this reprieve,this “final chance”,I could only nod my reply to Mrs.Summers.”Report for work at my office at 8.a.m.,on Monday.Your hours of work will be from 8.a.m – 5.p.m.,Monday – Friday.Well,what have you to say to us,David?”.”Thankyou,Mrs.Summers.Thankyou all”,I managed to say.

On Monday,as instructed,I reported directly to Mrs.Gloria Summers at 8.a.m.,at her office.After glancing at her watch,to check that I was not late for work,she greeted me,”Good Morning,David.My daughter,Hazel,is expecting you.I have apprised her fully,in regards to your situation.She will instruct you as to your work,and you are responsible to her,for as long as you work at this factory.Have I made myself clear to you,David?”.”Yes,Mrs.Summers”,I replied,respectfully.She pointed at the door behind me,facing her,and told me,”go through that door,Hazel is in there.Always be sure to knock,first,David.I have one final piece of advice to give you,David,before you start work.Do not let me down,David.Either here,at my factory,or with your gambling ways.Now,get out of my sight,David”.

I knocked politely on the door to Hazel’s office,and a female voice from inside said,”Come in!”I entered,and Hazel (or Hazy,as she was affectionately known to her friends,as I was to learn later)Summers,was talking on the phone,with her feet up,on her desk.She pointed with her pen,to a seat opposite her,inviting me to sit down,and appraised me,as she continued her phone conversation.”I’m so sorry,my darling”,apologized Hazel,over the phone.Then,while she listened,with the toe of one of her pumps,she eased off the heel of her other one,and,not taking her eyes from my face,went on,”but,baby,I did’nt forget your birthday,I just did’nt know,sweety pie”.While she listened to the reply,she lifted her rather shapely leg slightly,and started to dangle her shoe,until it hung precariously,from her toes,the whole of her rather dainty bare foot,all but visible to me,as I sat on the other side of her office desk.”I’ll make it up to you,sweetheart,I promise”,she said,into the phone.I was starting to feel a liitle disconcerted,as,still looking straight at me,Hazel began to flex her shapely ankle,this way and that,so that I could see almost the whole of her bare sole,from different angles,as though this was her design.Then,prising off her other heel on the edge of her desk,she started the same bizarre shenanigans with that foot,too,and by now,I could’nt help but to get the distinct impression,that she was putting on her little show,just for my benefit,to test my reaction.I looked away,through the window,as Hazel continued her phone conversation.”Oh!,come on now,honey,I said I’d make it up to you,did’nt I? I’ll do all those special things you like so much,when you come to my apartment”,she promised,sweetly.I looked back at her,and now,she was pointing both feet straight at me,across her desk,and,still not taking her eyes from my face,she let both shoes fall from their precarious balance,and,to my mild astonishment,she displayed the bare soles of both feet to me,over her desk,and proceeded to flex,wiggle,and scrunch her toes,while never taking her eyes from my face.Then,she said into the phone,”got to go now,baby,I’ll see you tonight”,and then,”and I love you too,Cindy.Bye!”.That caught my attention! Cindy? “Now,David,pick up my shoes for me”,said Hazel.Wanting to start off on the right foot,so to speak,I did as she asked.Then,she held out her feet for me,to put her shoes back on for her,which I reluctantly did,but was careful to hide my reluctance,as I knew that Hazel had me in the palm of her hand,for the next year.Then,apparently satisfied,she told me to sit down again,and she regarded me frankly,from across her desk.After the space of a few long moments,she said,”my Mother has told me all about your ‘situation’,David”.Then,her eyes and her voice full of authority,she advised me,”I am the one you will have to ‘keep sweet’ now,David.You will do well to remember that”,she assured me,cryptically.”Come with me,David,while I instruct you in your work and duties,in the factory”.We left Hazel’s office,and she led the way down to the factory floor,where I would be working,for the next year.Hazel gave me a tour of the factory,explaining to me along the way,that it would be my responsibility to continually clean and sweep up the constant,never ending mess and debris that covered the floor as a result of the work of the fabricators of the window frames and fittings,that the workers in Mrs.Summers’ factory produced,by the lorry load.My heart sank.One whole year of this,I thought,despairingly.Then,Hazel instructed me,”come back to my office at 5.o’clock,David,and I’ll sign your time sheet for you”.As she spoke,I noticed that she was making some kind of clicking noise with her pump heels on the floor,and looking down,I saw that she was easing her bare foot from her shoe,and clicking her heel on the floor,while she watched my face the whole time.Then,”5.p.m.,David”,Hazel reminded me,and left me,to return to her office.As I watched her go,I noticed that some of the factory workers were having some trouble in preventing strange,amused smiles,from insinuating themselves on their faces.

As I toiled at my decidedly unrewarding work,I thought that this must be one of the most boring jobs in existence.I could not even relieve the oppressive tedium marginally,by talking occasionally,to the factory workers,as the foreman told me that Hazel had told them not to “disturb David in his work”.After what seemed to me like an absolute age,at last,it was 5.p.m.,and time to get my time sheet signed by Hazel,and then thankfully head home after my long,boring shift,at Mrs.Summers’ factory.After knocking on Hazel’s office door,knowing it was me,she called me into her office,and as before,she pointed at the seat opposite her desk,with her pen,and,also as before,she had her feet up on her desk,and,as I sat opposite her,she started to dangle her pumps from her toes,again.Into the phone,Hazel said sweetly,”got to go now,Cindy.Love you,baby”,and made kissing noises into the phone,before putting it down.Then,smiling at me,Hazel pointed her feet at me,from across her desk,and flexed her toes,causing both shoes to fall from her feet,clattering to her desk,before falling to the office floor,and thereby presenting the bare soles of both feet to me,over her desk.then asked me,”how did you enjoy your first day,David?””It’s not the most exciting job in the world,Hazel”,I replied.Flexing,scrunching,and wiggling her bare toes at me,over her desk,Hazel responded,”well,I’ll have to make things more interesting for you,won’t I? Here,David,you can massage my feet for me,before you go home”.I was’nt sure if Hazel was giving me an invitation,or issuing an order.I said,”listen,Hazel,let’s get one thing straight,right now.I am not your foot servant,o.k.?All I want to do,is serve my probation period,and leave this place behind me.Have you got that,Hazel?Now,will you please sign my time sheet,so that I can go home?”Hazel’s expression was cold,and hard,as she looked at me for long,uncomfortable moments.Then she said,”massage my feet,David”.I made no move to do so.Again,Hazel stared at me for what seemed a long time.Her gaze,now was icy,and I was actually starting to tremble,such was the power of her gaze.I was just on the point of giving in to her will,as she was actually scaring me quite badly,now,with the power of her personality,and I instinctively knew that I should not be saying “no”,to this young woman,when she pulled open her desk drawer,withdrew my time sheet,and signed it.Then,regarding me stonily,without another word to me,and as the quality of her silence terrified me,she pointed her pen at the office door,dismissing me for the day.

Going home,I instinctively knew that I had made a dangerous enemy,in Hazel,for not “keeping her sweet”,and,more than once,I was very strongly tempted to go back to her office,and apologise,and assure her,that I would be more than happy to massage her feet for her.After all,it would’nt hurt me to do it,would it?She was ,in fact,a very attractive brunette,with a marvellous,voluptuous figure.It would certainly be no hardship,and I should be seeing it as a huge compliment,that such a very attractive girl should ask the likes of me (for I know I am not much of a catch,and certainly no oil painting),to perform this small,but very pleasurable service,for her.But,I continued walking homeward,choosing to ignore my own wise counsel,in the belief that it was probably already too late,now,that Hazel would not forgive me,that I had foolishly burned my boats with her,and I had a premonition that I would be made to pay dearly,for my lack of respect,as Hazel would certainly see it,and,again I stopped,undecided upon whether to go back,to see if I could still rescue the situation with Hazel.But,some self destructive influence inside my head,probably the same one that caused me to get into so much trouble with my gambling,persuaded me against this sensible course of action,and cheated me out of the slim possibility that Hazel might still forgive me,if I was to bow low enough to her.This voice asked me,with perfect reasonableness,”where would it all end,if you did’nt draw the line now?”.And so,in this mood of deep disquiet,I continued on my way home.

At last,after a very boring and very long week at the factory,and with no further incidents with Hazel,but still a very frosty distance between us,it was Friday,and I looked forward to enjoying a few well earned beers with my ex-gambling partner,Wally Betts,and relaxing a little.Wally said it was the biggest laugh that he had had in ages,listening to my account of how I ended up working at the factory,and I thought he was going to have some kind of seizure,when I told him of my experience with Hazel,and of my fear of her,and about her girlfriend,Cindy.”You would be laughing on the other side of your face,if it was you,Wally”,I said,and that just made him laugh all the harder.He held up a hand to stop me talking,and said,”listen,Dave,it’s cracking me up because of what’s in today’s local paper.Here,look!”,he said,pointing at a local personal advertisement.It read,’Footboy Wanted For Foot Party’.It was for tomorrow (Saturday),at 7.p.m.Seeing this,set me off laughing,as well.I said,”ring them up,Wally.Tell them you’ll be their Footboy,see how you like it then,I dare you,Wally!”,I said.”I’ll bet you,Dave”,he challenged.”No chance,Wally.I’m through with all that,I’m skating on very thin ice,now”.”But,who’s going to know,Dave?”,asked Wally,persuasively.With a few beers in me,now,and,as always,confident that I would win the bet,I said,”whoever lost the bet would have to do it whole heartedly,no half measures.We can’t mess people about,Wally”.”Of course”,agreed Wally,equally sure about winning our bet.”So,how do we decide,then”,I asked Wally.But,he had already placed a pack of cards on the table.”Shuffle them,Dave”,he invited me.So,I shuffled,and Wally cut the pack.”Now,Dave.The Foot Party is for 7.p.m.,so whoever picks up a 7 first,gets to be their Footboy”.Losing on the toss of a coin for who went first,I picked up the top card.It was the 4 of clubs.Wally picked up the next card.It was the king of diamonds.Gradually,the tension grew between us,as over half way through the pack,neither of us had yet picked up a dreaded 7.Then,with only a dozen or so cards left,it was me,who picked up the 7 of spades.”Ha!”,exclaimed my friend,in a strange mixture of triumph and relief.He sat back,and,dialling the number on his mobile phone,he passed it to me,when it started to ring.When a young,female voice answered,and she confirmed that the advertisement was still open,that,in fact,I was the first person to enquire,I replied,”I think you have found your Footboy”.And Wally,waiting while I got their address,and after handing him back his phone,slapped his thighs,and exclaimed delightedly,””way to go!”.

When I awoke next morning,I had a hangover that that I knew was not down to just the beer.How could I have been so dumb? But,as usual,I had not been able to resist the bet,being so sure that it would be Wally in this terrible predicament,and not me.But,a bet is a bet.And I lost.So I had to pay the price.In the afternoon,Wally rang me,and,not able to keep the smile out of his voice,wished me good luck,with the Foot Party.And I,good naturedly,told him to get lost.

At exactly 7 p.m. I rang the bell at the address I had been given the previous evening,and an absolutely stunning girl of about 20,or so,opened the door to me.I was dazzled,awestruck,by her amazing beauty.She had the most beautiful blonde hair,and she had tied it in a fashion so that it seemed to sprout from the back of her head,in a way that reminded me of 2 pineapples.She had on a short yellow top,that fell short of her navel,a pair of very short white shorts,and her very shapely legs were bare,and were tanned to a wonderful,golden colour.On her shapely,dainty feet,she wore a pair of yellow flip flops.As she watched my bulging eyes take her in,with a look of amusement on her beautiful face,she bent the toe of one flip flop,under the ball of her foot,and I saw that all of her toenails were painted a different colour of nail polish.When I looked at her lovely face again,she was struggling to suppress a giggle.”I”,I started,but hesitated,nervous,reduced to a bag of trembling nerves,in the face of such extraordinary beauty.Never,had I seen such perfection,before.Then,I found my tongue,and ,by way of introduction,I said,”I’m your Footboy”.And that was it!There came the sound of uncontrollable tittering and giggling from inside,and ‘pineapples’ doubled over,and clung onto my shirt front,for support,so helpless with laughter,was she now,and despite the circumstances,I thrilled to the musical sound of it.She reached past me with her flip flopped foot,pushed the front door closed,and,still unable to speak,she,still with her fist full of my shirt,pulled me into the living room,where her girlfriends were waiting for us.Including ‘pineapples’,there were 7 of them,altogether,and,as I had suspected,they were all in an advanced state of inebriation,from red wine,from the look of the half empty bottles on a table in the corner of the room.As I entered the living room,escorted by ‘pineapples’,they finally managed to exert some control over their giggling,and they smiled,with amusement and anticipation,as they regarded me,over their wine glasses.They were all very attractive,and they sat together on a large sofa,wearing the same sort of light,skimpy clothes,and flip flops,as ‘pineapples’.Then,that very fruity young lady sat at the centre of the large sofa between her gorgeous girlfriends,and said to me,without further ceremony,but,in a tone that conveyed to me more of hope,than of expectation,”on your knees,Footboy! Worship our feet!”they all stopped flexing their ankles,and dangling their flip flops,and flexing and wiggling and scrunching their toes,in a way that vividly reminded me of Hazel,and placed their feet,flat on the floor.’Pineapples’ commanded,”kiss the tops of our toes!”,a note of authority in her voice,now,that I was on my knees before them,as she had ordered.And I obeyed her now.I had lost the bet,and so I had to pay the price.I kissed the tops of the toes,of all 7 girls,knowing when I was at half way,when I found myself in front of ‘pineapples’ multi-coloured toenails.”Now,kiss our heels!”,ordered one of the girls sat next to ‘pineapples’,her confidence growing now,too,from my obedience.They kept their flip flops on,while I obeyed this command,and flexed their feet,to allow me access to the bottom of their heels.”Suck my heel!”,instructed the girl on the other side of ‘pineapples’,a real note of command in her voice,now that she was confident of my complete subservience,to them all.Then,”Footboy,kneel in front of us!”,commanded ‘pineapples’.Now,I was ordered by each,in turn,to serve them as each girl commanded,by sniffing,kissing,licking their feet,and sucking their toes.Then,led by the beautiful ‘pineapples’,they had the most tremendous fun,trampling me,almost to a pulp.Then,as couples (for they were all that way inclined),to loud rock music,they took turns,dancing solo,on me,as they used me as their human dance floor.Then,as couples with their own partners,I was danced on by 2 girls at once,trampling,crushing me.Then,for a bit of added spice,they girlfriend swapped,and,as they grew more drunk from the wine,more and more of the very tiddly girls,would climb aboard,as the music was turned up louder,and they danced,and swayed,and clung to each other to prevent themselves from falling off me,and they laughed so much,and their sheer joy,at this splendid entertainment,seemed to transmit itself to me,through the soles of their dancing,swaying,gripping,pounding bare feet,all over my body and face.And it was obvious,that they were becoming more and more sexually excited,with one another,from pounding,and dancing on their Footboy.

At long,long last,’pineapples’ came and grabbed a handful of my shirt,dragging me to my feet,and said,”o.k.Footboy,you’ve served your purpose,you can go now”.

But then,a voice I recognised,said,”just a minute,David!”,and ‘pineapples’ was taken aback,that Hazel knew my name,for,to my absolute shock,and horror,it was indeed,the lady of that name,Hazel Summers.”Welcome to my apartment,David”,she said.I thought that she must have just come in,but I was wrong.Now Hazel,in total control of the situation,said,”it’s kind of funny,David,but I could’nt help but get the distinct impression at work,that you were’nt exactly over-fond,of feet”.”I’m not”,I replied,suddenly on the defensive,and without thinking,and before I could stop myself,panicked,by this sudden and unexpected apparition of my boss’ daughter,and immediate superior at the factory I was working a 1 year probation at,I said,disasterously,”I lost a bet.To my friend,Wally”.And it dawned on us both at the same moment,what I had just said,just admitted to,and of the significance,of the enormity,of my admission.

Now,having been caught red handed,I knew I was doomed.I do have some honour,and I would never try to claim to Hazel’s Mother,that the Foot Party never happened,even if I thought that she might believe me,which of course,she would not.Then,as though reading my mind,Hazel said,”I have video taped tonight’s Foot Party,David,which is why you have not seen me.I have left the tape running.Lucky,that,is’nt it,David? Sound and vision,all on tape”.Now,there was such a look of triumphant pleasure,suffusing Hazel’s features,as she went on.”Oh!,David,I am sure you can imagine what my surprise,and my delight was,when you,of all people turned up,as our Footboy!”.Now,’pineapples’came and put her arm around Hazel’s waist,and asked her,”who is he,Hazy?”.Ignoring ‘pineapples’,for the moment,Hazel turned back to me and said,”it’s Sunday,tomorrow,David.Come back here to my apartment at 10.o’clock in the morning,and I will speak to you then.Good night,David”.

I slept little,that night,the events of the Foot Party the previous evening,replaying over and over in my dreams,and an underlying sense of dread,that I was in deep trouble.As instructed by Hazel,I returned to her apartment at 10 a.m. When she opened the door,she was alone in her apartment,and she told me to come in and sit down,and be quiet.There was a new,aweful expression,on Hazel’s face,now,a new depth,to her authority,as she began,”I hear they are doing new,exciting work,at the Hypno Chemical Therapy Trials,these days,david.Of course,progress is always slow,with a new science,and,regrettable as it is,I suppose we should not be too surprised,that there have been some unfortunate casualties to brain damage.Still,I expect they will get it right,sooner or later”.Seeing the expression on my face that she wanted to see,one of stark fear,Hazel went on,”david,listen to me very carefully.This is how it is going to be,from now on,until the end of your probation.Obey me,and my Mother will not find out about your gambling.From now on,you belong to me,david.You may remember telling me,in my office,that you were not my foot servant.Well,david,you most certainly are,now.You are mine,david,to do with and use,exactly as I like”.Observing the look of stunned disbelief on my face,she gave me a moment to absorb her incredible words.”You are now my slave,david,your purpose in life now,is to serve me,as my personal servant.You will always do what I tell you to do,without fail.In short,you will obey my commands to you,and those of my girlfriends,until the satisfactory conclusion of your probation period”.”If you think”,I said,and that was as far as I got.In two quick steps,Hazel was standing in front of me,and,drawing back her hand,I could see,but could not believe,what was going to happen.Hazel gave me such a hard,resounding slap to my face,that she literally struck me speechless,with shock and pain.”I told you to shut up and listen,david,and you will do exactly as I tell you”.After a few moments,when she was satisfied that I was going to do as she told me,Hazel resumed her seat,and continued.”You are completely in my power,david,and,the sooner you can accept that fact,the sooner you will come to terms with your new situation”.”But,please,Hazel!”,I began,finding my tongue again,but again,I got no further,for,again,Hazel was upon me in an instant,and this time,seeming to put into it everything she had,she again slapped my face with such force,that someone could have been forgiven for thinking that a small gun had been fired inside the room,such was the resounding smack,to my face.”Are you deaf,as well as stupid,david?”,she asked,rhetorically.She stood in front of me,now,watching me,to see if I had learned some sense.Then,the cruel satisfaction evident on her face,as she watched the tears that I could not prevent.of pain and of humiliation,rolling down my cheeks,she once again resumed her seat.Then,leaning towards me,she said,in a quiet voice,the quietness of her voice somehow investing it with even more menace,and authority,”you really have no choice,david.I recorded the Foot Party,along with your admissions of gambling.So,david,the faster you learn,the less you will suffer.I want your unquestioning obedience,david,and believe me,I am going to have it.I could have let you have such an easy life at the factory,david.There are worse things than being bored,you know.But, you would’nt even massage my feet for me,when I asked you politely,would you? From this moment on,david,to you,I am Miss Hazel,and you will address all my girlfriends,in the same manner.I have invited my girlfriend,Cindy,Miss Cindy,to you,david,here to my apartment tonight,to celebrate your new ‘situation’.You will treat her with the utmost respect,as you will,all my girlfriends.You will instantly,obediently obey their commands,when they order you to do something,for them.Finally,I have given them my permission,and my blessing,to punish you,as they see fit,should you prove unsatisfactory,to them.Now then,david,have I made myself perfectly clear,to you?”.”Yes,Miss Hazel”,I assured her,in a small,crushed voice,that sounded impregnated,and marinated,with defeat.Then,her features composed of pleasure and gratification,in stark contrast to my own,a mask of misery,and wretchedness,she proceeded to give me a broad outline,of what my duties to herself and her girlfriends were going to be.These would include cleaning their cars and apartments,running on shopping errands for them,and a host of other menial chores,as instructed.In short,I was to be at the beck and call,of any and all of them,when not in the service of Miss Hazel,herself.And Miss Hazel also made me aware of some of the punishments I could expect,if I fell short of their expectations of me.And,by the end of this decidedly one-sided discussion,Miss Hazel’s words of a few minutes ago,came home to me,with a solid,unshakable truth,that I was,completely,in Miss Hazel’s power.

When I met up with Wally that Sunday evening,and told him all about the Foot Party,and the subsequent repercussions,he thought it was the funniest thing ever.Especially the part about ending up as Miss Hazel’s personal servant,saying that,had it been him,he would be taking his chances with the Hypno Chemical Therapy Trials.

And so,as Miss Hazel advised me,I quickly settled into my ‘new situation’.When I finished my work at the factory at 5 p.m. I served at the feet of Miss Hazel,in her office,until she herself,was ready to go home.Then,quite often,she would give me an hour to go home,have a shower and get something to eat,before I was to report to her apartment,to serve herself,and any of her girlfriends who happened to be there, as well.My weekends,were no longer my own.I was Miss Hazel’s personal servant.Saturday nights,were Foot Party nights,and the girls (my Mistresses),never tired of having their fun,with me.And on those occasions when Miss Hazel was out of town,on factory business,she would always make certain to ‘lend’ me,to one of her girlfriends,usually Miss Cindy.Miss Cindy,or ‘pineapples’,as I still think of her,is absolutely gorgeous,and Miss Hazel is very lucky to have her.Miss Cindy is a real bimbo,and she has me spending half of my time painting her toenails for her,experimenting with lots of different colours and combinations of nail polish.Sometimes,she will pretend to find fault,and she will order me to lie on the floor,and she will sit on my back,and playfully spank my bottom with her flip flop,and saying,”you are a naughty,naughty Footboy!,david”,and other similar pretend accusations,whilst laughing,and enjoying herself hugely,and having herself a real fun time.Once,when Miss Hazel came into the room,during these shenanigans,she looked very angry,until she saw the look of pleasure and happiness on Miss Cindy’s angelic face,and realised that she was just enjoying herself,and that I had not actually,misbehaved at all.(Miss Hazel,although she knew that I always did my very best to please her,still did not hesitate to punish me,if she felt it was warranted.She told me that I had forfeited any inclinations towards mercy towards me,that she might have felt,due to my original disrespect,towards her,as she saw it,on my first day at the factory).Miss Hazel smiled indulgently,at her easily pleased girlfriend,and,after Miss Cindy had finished her playful ‘discipline’,of me,with her flip flop,she stepped onto my back,to be joined there by her girlfriend,Miss Hazel,and they stood on my back for some minutes,embracing,and expressing their affections for one another,in a variety of ways.(Often,they would have me lie on my back,then they would stand on me,and take turns dipping their toes into my mouth,for me to suck,while they hugged,and kissed each other passionately).

Miss Hazel celebrated my ‘new situation’,with Miss Cindy,in a way that they and their other girlfriends would repeat on many future occasions.The first time this happened,Miss Hazel said to Miss Cindy,”see,baby,did’nt I promise I would make it up to you,about your birthday?david is our Footboy,and you must treat him as your slave,as I do.Now,david,get yourself undressed,completely,get into bed,and lie across the bottom of the bed,for us,facing the head of the bed”,Miss Hazel instructed me.As soon as I obeyed,they both got into bed (a very large,spacious bed,which could,and did,on occasion,accommodate all eight of the girlfriends,cosily,and their Footboy,of course),and,Miss Cindy said,in total ecstasy,”Oh!,you are wonderful,Hazy,you are so good to me! I can’t believe this is happening!”,as she lay on her stomach,and filled my mouth with her golden toes.When the colder weather arrived,they would have me lie at their feet,at the bottom of their huge bed,all night,as it was such a big bed to keep warm.Though,Miss Cindy said that it made it more exciting,too,loving each other,with their Footboy in bed with them,lying at their feet.Especially so,on the Saturday (Foot Party night) sleepovers,when up to all eight of the girlfriends would occupy the enormous bed,along with their Footboy.Then,on Sunday mornings,my Mistresses would kick me out of the foot of the bed,and,while they all enjoyed a nice,leisurely,Sunday morning lie-in,I would clean and tidy the living room for them,which was always in a mess,after the Foot Party,and then I would prepare their breakfasts for them.When they were ready,I would wait at table for them,making sure that they had all they wanted,and did not run out of coffee,fruit juice,toast,etc,and I catered to their every wish and whim.

Finally,the time came,when the final day of my probation arrived.I had visited my friend,Wally,the day before.I saw very little of him,these days.For the last 3 months,he has been a patient at the Clinical Research Facility Unit,of the Hypno Chemical Therapy Trials Programme.He was totally engrossed,in a children’s T.V. show,and is now mentally,little more than a vegetable,in intellect,yet another victim,of the scientific trials.Wally took his avid gaze away from the T.V. screen long enough to say just one thing to me.”Witch hazel”,he said,before returning the whole of his attention back to the children’s T.V. show.I could only interpret his odd remark,as a slight,against my Mistress,Miss Hazel.I found that I was then filled with an emotion,that came as something as a shock,to me.I found that I was upset,and greatly affronted,by Wally’s insult,of Miss Hazel.But,there was no point at all,in speaking to Wally about it,it would be like talking to a turnip,for,thanks to his ‘treatment’,such was the level of his intelligence now.

Then,gazing inwardly at myself,it came home to me,that I had not gambled,since Miss Hazel had made me her personal servant.And I did not want to follow in Wally’s footsteps,and end up like him,the way he was now.

And so,on my final night at Miss Hazel’s apartment,with Miss Cindy and all her other girlfriends gathered together for one,last,glorious Foot Party,astounding everyone,I got to my knees in front of Miss Hazel,and asked her if she would speak to her Mother on my behalf,about keeping me on at the factory,and also,that I wished to offer myself to Miss Hazel,and her girlfriends,voluntarily.And if Miss Hazel insisted on calling my service to them ‘enslavement’,then I would bow to her wish,as it was second nature to me now,anyway.At my declaration,Miss Cindy jumped up from her seat,capered about clapping her hands,and made a variety of unintelligible exclamations,but which,nonetheless,articulately conveyed her joyous approval.And when she came up to me,and cupped my face in the palms of her hands,and favoured me with her most beautiful smile,it was all of the reward,that I could possibly have dared to hope for,and I had never been so happy in my life.

And now,there is only one ‘sure thing’,only one ‘certainty’,in my life,and that is,that my future happiness and well being,depend upon remaining in the service of Miss Hazel,and her girlfriends.

Once,as a punishment,Miss Hazel had threatened that she would consider “letting me go”,(as if she would!).But,this so upset Miss Cindy,that Miss Hazel has never used that dire threat,since.And,Miss Cindy confided to me,meaningfully,later,that if Miss Hazel should ever “let me go”,however unlikely that may seem,that I was not to worry,not to get upset,and not to cry,as there were plenty of other Foot Mistresses out there,looking for a footboy,who would soon “snap up”,such a good Footboy as me.

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