Story 1

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I first met Janine at this coffeehouse two blocks away from my apartment. It’s the place I go when I need to relax and take a rest of my stressing, lonely, workaholic life. I say hi to Gunther, order a cup of dark coffee and sit down on a table close to the window, from where I can stare at the people outside without being noticed. And I did stare at Janine for a while. I didn’t know her, but I had the impression she was special. She was standing there, playing with her shoe, letting it dangle at the end of the foot, moving it back and forth on the floor, taking it off, massaging her foot fot a while, puttig it on again, starting it all over with the other one. She was obviously wiating for someone.

There were a couple of times when I thought she had looked at me, even if that was almost impossible: the glass between as was transparent from inside, but reflecting like a mirror from outside.

Finally, after a while, she came into the coffehouse, and went to the bar to order a drink. Then she looked around. I knew she would see me staring at her, but couldn’t take my eyes away from her. God she was gorgeus: tall, athletic body, big round-shaped breasts showing under her jacket, firm ass pressed by a tiny skirt, and lower, long torned legs ended by her cute little feet in open high heel sandals.

She looked back at me, and started walking across the bar. She was obviously coming to my table. She looked deep in my eyes, said a cold hi and sat down.

-My name is Janine -she said- and I know we don’t know each other, but I’m so pissed off, and I need to talk to somebody.

I made a sign of understanding, and kept silent.

-And I know, by the way you look at me, that you won’t mind either.

I smiled and said I didn’t mind at all. That it was always a pleasure.

-I know it’s a pleasure. Pleasure. What a word, ah?

-Well, yes, it’s a funny word.

-It’s more than that. It’s powerful. Say it, and you will realize.

I was a bit embarrased, and a bit turned on.

-Come on, say it.


-Say it again.


-Don’t you feel the power of this word?

She kept looking deep in the middle of my eyes. She had big catish green eyes, who seemed to glow with the lights of the coffee house.

-Don’t you hate it when you have to wait for somebody, and that somebody doesn’t appear at all? PLeasure


-Keep saying it for me, please. I like how it sounds.

-PLeasure. Pleasure. PLeasure…

-That’s right. And don’t you hate when your feet hurt? -she was showing her bare feet to me, her beatiful arched feet, her small nails without any paint, and her clean soles rubbing against each other.

-My feet




-Wouldn’t you like to masage them?

-PLeasure. What?

-You don’t have to answer. And you know what is the most funny thing? Do you want to know who I was waiting for?

I made a sign with my eyebrows, since I couldn’t speak. I was too worried saying “pleasure” over and over again, even if I ws feeling so stupid.

-You -she said. At that same moment, she slipped one foot under my trousers, and caressed my legs.

-I’ve been waiting for you to come out of the cooffe house, but you wouldn’t. So I had to come in for you.

I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t think about how strange all this was. Her foot was wlaking up my leg, and it was so cold, so, so cold. I felt like if I was being touched by an ice statue. Yet it made my dick grow instantly, hard as ever. That’s when she put her other feet on it, just on my dick, and started moving it in circles.

-I’ve been watching you like for a month, and I’ve decided that today was the day. Today you will be mine.

Without realizing, I was still saying “pleasure”, in a deep low voice, feeling at the same time how I was getting aroused by the contact of both her feet, one in my leg, the other one on my sex rubbing it hard.

-I’m pretty sure you would like to come with me to my place. Won’t you?

-Mmmmmh. Pleasure. Yes.

Let’s go, then.

There was a strange pity look in Gunther’s face when we left.


When we arrived to her place, she laid on the sofa and looked at me. I coulnd’t thnk of any image apart from her body, and her sweet cold feet. She took her jacket off, and smiled.

-You can take my shoes off, and kiss my feet.

Those words made me go crazy of anxiety. I kneeled in front of her, and started to take her shoes off, with delightment. My hands trembled. There they were, so soft, so cold to the touch, so perfect. First, I ran my hands over them, on her soles, around the little sexy toes, running to the ankle to come back to the soles again. I put one of them in my mouth. They were still so cold, and they tasted so sweet, like something you could be licking forever. Then I put the other one, and then both of them. I had no tongue enough to lick all I wanted to lick.

-Look into my eyes now.

I looked up, and saw she was naked. She had the body of a goddess, and the face of a model, and the smile of a princess. I was in love.

-PLeasure. Strip.

I felt so happy to hear her talk to me. I took my clothes off as quickly as possible. She even laughed a bit at me, but when I finished, she said pleasure again, and smiled.

-Make love to me, now, the best way you can.

I leaned down on her naked body, without taking my eyes off her, and pressed my body against hers. Suddenly, I was kissing her all over, starting from her head: her soft fleshy lips, her tongue playing with mine, our bodies rubbing against each other. I felt her hot skin in mine, and caressed her with my hands, feeling her move when I touched any of her sensible parts. I then kissed her neck. She moaned and pressed me harder against her. She was still saying “pleasure”, moaning it, mumbling it.

My lips walked down her neck, to her round shoulders, and from there to her pale erect tits. I made my tongue run around her nipples, and then stopped my mouth close to them, so that she could feel my breathe. I could feel her wanting me to continue, needing me to lick her nipples. I did kiss her nipples, and suck them deep into my mouth, and bite them softly, just caressing them with my teeth. And I moved down again. I was now kissing her stomach. The round form of her belly button. Her sweet flesh around it. I run my hands back to her tits, and up to her neck and mouth, so that she could lick and kiss my fingers.

And then I went even lower, and found the triangle of her sex, the promised land. I started by biting the inner part of her thighs, so soft, so ready to be bitten. I felt her moaning and moving again, knowing that my tongue was so close to her clit. She arched her back, and for the first time I let my fingers look between her pubical hair for the clit. It was so open, so wet, so expanded in arousal. I felt it like a juicy fruit between my fingers. Then I run my hand down, and passed it all the way along her pussy. Pink, sweet, delicate pussy. I put the tip my fingers in it, and bite her thigh again, at the same time. She moaned louder. I kneeled, and got ready to lick her.

And that was when it all started to happen again. While I was there, with her pussy in my mouth, I felt her right foot caressing my back and my hip. Up and down, back and forth. It felt really good to have it there, caressing me. I licked harder, with my tongue in her clit and my fingers getting deeper and deeper in her pussy, and she almost screamed. She pressed me down with her feet, like trapping me against the bed. I passed my free hand along her leg, up to the waist again, and the belly. And I licked, and licked, and pressed her pussy upwards with my fingers. I had to keep licking, her feet were ordering me so. And I still licked and licked and licked. And then she came, hard but slowly, like a wave moving her higher and higher, arching her back, making her groan and moan and scream.

There it was. She was down and I wasn’t. I thought maybe she was going to leave me like that. I would be happy to please her and get nothing back, but there were ways in which I could feel happier.I kneeled back, to look at her, and smiled. Her feet were now at both sides of me, and I grabbed them like mad. They were so sweet, I needed them so hard.

-Thank you, she said. That’s been so good. Now, you are free to do whatever you want.

I felt an unbearable happiness when I heard that. I pressed her feet against me, running them through my chest. I continued to rub her feet, and put one of them close to my mouth. She let me do it, so I kissed it, and licked her sexy toes, one by one, intruducing them subtily in my mouth and just touching them with my tongue. I also pushed the other feet in the direction of my hard dick, and pressed it.

She smiled.

-All right. That’s what you want.

And started rubbing me again with her feet in my chest and stomach.

-Do you like it?


-I know you do. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.

She laughed, and looked at me deeply. Then I felt that both of her feet were around my cock, playing with it, rubbing it. I took them between my hands and pressed them, making them take the right shape to fit my dick like a globe, a soft cool flesh globe making my sex grow bigger and bigger. I felt the soft touch of her feet and it made me get to ecstasy. I run my hand all over them, caressing her ankles, going up her legs, and back down to her sexy little feet, which were pumping up and down, up and down, doing me the first footjob in my life.

I laid down on the bed, beside her, close enough to kiss her and touch her tits and belly again. She smiled at me, and increased the rithm of movement of her feet. Her soles were firmly pressing my dick, and I was coming close to orgasm. I passed my hand through her clit, and I noticed it was wet again. This was turning her on, too. I tried to masturbate her again, but she took my hand apart.

-This is YOUR moment now.

She kissed me, and made me lay down, as she started pumping even stronger than before with her feet, and running her hands over my chest. When I was close enough, she laid on her back, and put her feet, her sexy tiny feet in front of me. I continued to stimulate my dick with her soles, and masturbated at the same time. I could see all her body, her ass, her open pussy, her back, and her head turn to smile at me. I could also see that she was slowly tocuhing herself.

I came on her feet, on her beautiful soles. It was the best orgasm in my life, it was like if the cold on her feet had come into my blood, and were ruuning through my veins, make me feel pleasure (“pleasure, pleasure, pleasure”) in every inch of flesh. I still had her cold feet around my cock. The pleasure was still growing with every movement, and I kept coming on her feet, and she kept smiling and saying “pleasure, pleasure, pleasure” to my ear. I started seeing small stars of light in my eyes, and pleasure turned into pain, but I couldn’y stop it. I had to please her, who was still moving her feet back and forth.

I think it was pleasure what made me pass out. Or maybe it wasn’t.

When I woke up, I was in my apartment. There was a not on my bed. It just said: “PLeasure”.

Foot control (chapter 2)
I walked to the bathroom, feeling tired as if I hadn’t slept at all, or as if I had run a marathon during the night. I had a strange buzz in my head, and felt a terrible need inside me. But need of what? What was it that made me feel that way? The word “pleasure”, delicately writen in that piece of paper on my sleeves kept coming to my head. I took a shower, but nothing could take that strange sensation of not being myself.

I don’t even remember how I made all the way to my office. Suddenly I was there, sitting in front of my desk, lookin at all the documents and numbers I had to review during the day. My head was a spinning wheel, and my thoughts were trapped inside it. There was still a low voice in my head, repeating the word “pleasure”.

Lucy arrived. She was my secretary. She was about my age, maybe a little younger, and had a good presence, even if she was nothing like a model or an actress. She had a round fleshy body, hardly pressed by clothes two or three sizes smaller than needed. Her face was pretty, though, a smiling round face with open eyes behind dark glasses, and short dark hair. She was very nice to me, and competent. I had heard in the cafeteria that she had a crush on me, or had had it once. Well, that was more than possible. We spent so much time together, and we share so many worries and confidences during the day, it would have been strange if nothing happened. However, I didn’t feel the same way. It was a pity, I thought: things could work quite well between as, we understand each other, we care about each other… But that was it. And if somebody told me that secretly I was in love with her, I would have laughed in their face.

-Good morning, Lucy, how are you feeling today?

-Fine, thanks. What about you?

-Not that well, to tell the truth.

-I’m sorry to hear that. anything I can do to help?

-No, Lucy, thanks. Let’s get started, and it will get better by itself, I’m sure.

-Ok, see you later.

I tried to concentrate on the work, but still, couldn’t. The voice in my head, the buzzing, the dizziness, and the image of some nude girl I didn’t remembered knowing kept driving me off my work. Maybe I should tell Lucy that I wasn’t feeling better, and go home.

But then something else distracted me. Lucy had the custom of taking her normal street shoes off in the office, and putting some old slippers on, to be more comfortable while working. I had told her that she didn’t look quite professional in slippers, but she had laughed at me, and told me that nobody would realize it. What kind of a pervert looks at a girls feet under the table?

I had never noticed when Lucy changed shoes. Or, if I noticed, I didn’t give any importance to it. But today I was absolutely conscient of the process. I saw her take one shoe off, and then grab her foot to massage it a bit, and move her toes in the air, under the stockings. I saw her take the other one off too, and then rest there for a while, letting her feet rest on the carpet. I couldn’t beleive I had never realized what a marvelous spectacle that was. I couldn’t look anywhere else. The voice in my head was speaking louder now. It said: pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.

My hands were trembling when I pressed the button to call her.

-Lucy, could you come in, please?

I saw her react, first with surprise, and then, seeing my face of anxiety, with fear. She tried to put her shoes back on, but couldn’t. So she decided to come to my office with bare feet, walking on the end of her toes.

-What’s up? is there anything wrong? are you Ok?

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her feet. They were so full, so desirable, so lusty. The voice in my head started again. “Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure”. It was growing louder. I felt the buzz grow too, and started feeling dizzy. Suddenly, I could see the image of a young woman, who I immediately recognized: it was Janine, from the coffee house. I could remember her now. I could remember her, and the pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. And her feet. All female feet. And the pleasure. I closed my eyes, but it was worse. The image was clearer now. The woman in my head was chanting for me. “Worship her feet, she said”

When I opened my eyes, I was kneeling in front of Lucy, embracing her feet, her legs, pressing myself against her.

She screamed and tried to scape, but I retained her even stronger.

-No, Lucy, please don’t go. I need you.

She must have thought that was a declaration of love or something. The next thing I saw was tears falling down her cheek. I took advantage of her astonishment to rub myself against her body, which was all trembling under the clothes. I pulled her from the waist of the trousers and made her lay down with me, on the floor of the office. “Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure”, was all I heard.

I put her legs on my shoulders, with her feet so close to my face I could smell them, and feel their touch in my ears. I started taking her trousers off. She helped me. It was obvious that she really had a crush on me. When I was taking her trousers off, I made her feet rub my face, and come close to my chest. They were a delicious thing: pale, almost white, clean, ready for me to bite. And I did. At the same time, I was running my hands up her body, to unbutton her shirt. She was looking at me through her glasses, still crying, but starting to feel more confident.

She made me turn, and lay on my back. She was taking her bra off. She had big breasts, with deep purple neeples. I run my hands on them, and felt the touch of her soft skin, reacting to my touch. she was still looking at me, and suddenly kissed me deeply. She started taking my clothes off, rubbing her body against me. Then, she sat on my chest, and kissed me again. I could feel the wetness inside her panties, and the hot invading all her skin. The voice: “worship her feet. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure”

-Pleasure, pleasure…

-What? -she asked in between the moans and the kisses.

I didn’t answer. I just took her by the hips and made her turn, facing the other way. She tried to complain.

-I like it this way, Lucy.

That calmed her. Now she was sitting on me, but looking to the wall. I could see her round ass and her arched back, and, of course, her feet at both sides of me. I started caressing them again, her pink soles that were getting sweaty. Her toes, her archs, her ankles. I pressed them against me. She was moving back and forth, now. And then, she grabbed my dick, and got it ready to penetrate her pussy. I pressed her feet once again, and she screamed. My dick was coming deeper and deeper inside her.

Her ass was so tight against my cock. Her movements were slow at the beginning, and then increased the rythm. In this position my dick was touching her in places that normally keep untouched. And she was liking it.

-PLeasure, pleasure, pleasure.

This time she didn’t ask. She was too worried moving her body, moving her waist round, up and down, back and forth. I was going crazy

-Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure…

I grabbed one foot and took it to my mouth. I had her toes close to my tongue, and started licking them, and the space between them. She was moaning with every movement. I was moaning with every toe I sucked. Then I passed to the sole. She was moving really fast now, probably getting close to orgasm. The other foot was on the floor, touching my hip, and also moving back and forth with the rest of the body.

And I licked her foot again, I bite it hard, and she was trembling now, and I was trembling, and the voice was screaming in my head (“pleasure, feet, pleasure, pleasure, worship”), and I started to see the sparkling lights again in my eyes, and when her body started to shake on me I knew she was getting to orgasm, and I bite her foot until I tasted blood, and I had her foot in my mouth, and the other one rubbing me. And I came, and she came, and the pleasure, pleasure, pleasure made me spasm, and I couldn’t breath, and the image of the young lady appeared on my head again.

Lucy was laying close to me on the floor of the office.

-I’ve been waiting for this for so long… -she said.

-That’s Ok, my pet, you are getting closer -said Janine.

And when I smiled at her (at Janine), Lucy thought I was smiling at her (at Lucy), and she started crying.

Foot control 3
It was hard to get away from Lucy. I told her that I was feeling dizzy again.

-Don’t worry, it will probably be a common cold, the typical spring alergie or something.

-But… but… What has just happened?


My head was aching now. Without answering, I walked out of the office. When I breathed open air I started to feel a bit better. I couldn’t think about anything. Without realizing, I was on my way home. I wanted to take a shower, I wanted to sleep, I wanted to forget about everything and go back in time to the day before I met Janine, before all this started.

But when I arrived, somebody had different plans for me.

The voice in my head started to mumble again: pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. I felt like a shock, and fell on the bed. I was seeing lights in my eyes again. And for some reason, I KNEW I had to turn the TV on.

There was porn on. How could that be, porn at 11 in the morning?

But it wasn’t just regular porn. When I looked again I recognized Janine and Lucy, playing with each other on a pink double bed. They wer laughing, looking at me, and kissing each other on the lips, the neck, the nipples. Janine looked even more gorgeus than the day at the coffe house. Lucy had a luscious look I had never seen on her before. They were both wearing a black semi-transparent nightdress.

Janine was now on LUcy, sitting on her belly, and kissing her deep. Lucy was moaning, and trembling under Janine’s caresses. Janine started to take her night dress off, and so did Lucy. Their bodies were sparkling like if covered with some kind of lotion. Janine kissed LUcy again, and then made the way down her body. She ran her mouth down Lucy’s neck, and to her shoulders, biting them. Her hands were caressing Lucy’s nipples, and soon her lips were too. With one hand, Janine started to masturbate Lucy, who laid there, moaning, closing her eyes to pleasure



and arching her back with every movement of Janine’s mouth and hand.

Janine had her head between Lucy’s legs now. Lucy’s moans increased. Janine’s tongue seemed to disappear completely inside Lucy’s cunt, then to come out and focus on the clit, and go deep in again. She was running her hands all over Lucy’s body.

And then focused on the legs: starting at the hip, her tongue run down to the knee, while her hands pressed the thigh hard, like trying to squeeze it. Lucy screamed, and laughed, and moaned. Janine was now getting down to the ankle, in which Lucy had a sparkling golden bracelet (which I’m sure wasn’t there this morning). And then started kissing her foot, massaging it, licking her toes one by one. She pressed the sole firmly, and at the same time run her tongue softly between the toes, and sucked them into her mouth.

I realized then that Lucy’s other feet was caressing Janine’s pussy, back and forth, pushing it up, massaging the clit. It was driving me crazy, and Janine too, it seemed. She was biting LUcy’s feet and trembling, and moving freneticly bak and forth, trying to coordinate her movements with those of Lucy’s feet.

It was Janine who laid down after that, to let Lucy get control for a while. Lucy started kissing Janine’s feet again, letting Janine kiss her own, fleshy, sensual ones. The were pressed against each other, rubbing their bodies and groning with pleasure

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